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  1. Consider learning Mandarin Chinese, as that could be your bridge to one of the biggest single market / economy for next decades. But be aware that Mandarin Chinese is not the easiest language to learner.
  2. Greeting from China. If you find pronuncing the 4 tones of Mandarin a great challenging, you should feel luck that you are not learning Cantonese, which has a hell of 6 (some said 9) different tones. Check the difference between the Mandarin & Cantonese. But enjoy the learning process!
  3. OH this is indeed a very special angle and it seems not many other guys had written about that. Hope you good luck sourcing for the materials.
  4. As it's inscribed on something, I think the chance to get two characters in reversed order might be small. It should mean to be 萱花草, yes the Hemerocallis fulva: 萱花草,又名萱草,俗名:忘忧草 The flower language: 1) Forget your sadness; 2) Thank you mum. 3) Hide some of your complicated feelings... BTW, on what surface was this inscribed on?
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