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  1. Là-haut Ça ira Avant toi Innocence Tokyo Ghoul - 『Unravel』 【Full French ver.】 Bella Ciao - La Casa de Papel (French/Italian)
  2. "Les poilus" was a pejorative and an unrespectful nickname given to the french soldiers at the WW1 because they had all a big beard for obvious reasons . It wasn't a joking term at all but I think it's not a good idea to use it in a novel because It wasn't a friendly nickname . But it's depends of the context and the use you want to do with it I suppose . I hope I have answered at your question .
  3. It can be interesting to see the next step I have only facebook ,I will put the link https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100013604613731Axel Sarrouy
  4. It's maybe a lil late but for "Speak of the Devil" the french could be "Langue du diable"
  5. Hey, I think the most appropriate is "camarades" more than "copains" . I Hope I 've helped
  6. Yes exactly (but feminine form) Without the full sentence it's difficult to find the meaning for a word that is almost never used XD
  7. Hey , Very good question "faite" is the feminine form for the french verb "faire" that means "to do" in english . And "faîte" with the accent is just a part of a roofing and it 's rarely used actually .
  8. Hey, Nice cover I don't understand why you just don't take an english lyric and link it with the french part it is easy to do no ? but for to help you, she says in french ( sorry if I make mistakes with english ) : j'te promets j'essaierais = I promise you I'll try j'essaierais de rencontrer quelqu'un = I will try to meet someone des mecs ça yen a plein = there are lot of men t'as dis que j'méritais quelqu'un =you've said I deserve someone j'ai envie de t'appeler mais j'vais surement finir par tout gâcher = I want to call you but I surely will destroy everythi
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