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  1. What is (a) noun? 

    Try to answer in your simple words and not from the internet. 

  2. Hi, Yana, what is the level of your qualification and how long have you been in touch with the English language? Firstly, you need to build your foundation which is grammar, and gradually you will grasp the spoken part. Grammar in any language mostly has the same rules but often varies in some parts. That part could be overcome by investing in the basics. That is called early steps toward understanding. Knowledge is attainable once you remain motivated and committed to learning.
  3. What is language?

    Kindly, do not use online resources but define it in your own simple words.

  4. Hello, all, This is Jawad from Canada -- and I am new to this forum! I hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy with their loved ones during these difficult times! I hope and would love to be a productive member of this group by participating in language learning by sharing and facilitating the English language. I have been helping diverse communities with their daily communication needs of English learning and had contributed to some of humanitarian projects in Central Asia. Kindly, reach out to me or forward my contact information to those in need of acquiring c
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