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  1. What is language?

    Kindly, do not use online resources but define it in your own simple words.

  2. i didn't heard about Grammar Girl. But i found something interesting in this thread from Grammar Girl. Thank you!
  3. In English we have four ways to make conditional (if) sentences. Example: 0 Conditional – is used for scientific facts or general truths. ‘If’ can be substituted for ‘when’. ‘If you boil water to 100°C, it boils.’ ‘When you boil water to 100°C, it boils.’ 1st Conditional – is used with ‘will/can + base verb’ for a probable future result. ‘If you study hard, your English will improve.’ 'If I get enough sleep, I will feel better.’ 2nd Conditional – uses the ‘simple past’ with ‘modal + base verb’ for imagined, impossible or unreal future situations.
  4. A semicolon can replace a period if the writer wishes to narrow the gap between two closely linked sentences. Example: Call me tomorrow; you can give me an answer then. We have paid our dues; we expect all the privileges listed in the contract.
  5. This approach is inclusive of both males and females and works perfectly well in a single sentence, but it can become cumbersome and unwieldy if you have to keep repeating ‘his or her’ or ‘he or she’ in the same piece of writing. Is he or she marked out as middle class if he or she opts for a pair of Hunters? This can be a good solution, but it won’t always work (as with the second example, which can only refer to a singular therapist): If you’re allergic to oils or perfumes, remind your therapists before they lay hands on you.
  6. I have an issue with color of the new theme. And Attributes are not arranged in the manners.
  7. Teaching methods frequently involve rote learning and copying, which fail to engage and challenge children fully. Yet a few colorful pictures on the walls or some simple, attractive home-made pictorial learning aids can transform a classroom - without costing much.
  8. To improve listening skills, you should watch English Movies, News and Songs with subtitles. And try to speak and sing song.
  9. Thank you for sharing information regarding usage of italics and its priority. Have a Good Day!
  10. Yup, i agree with your comment. But hyphen is also used in so many languages like Spanish language use hyphen for separation of words and other used for adding and in English it is used for complete words when some words broken during complete lines.
  11. Nice, i am also using translator for communicate with some friends they are from Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Russia. But i don't feel bad i really like that translator helps me to talk independently.
  12. Yep, it is really bad when someone using short words for chat even the person is not interested in writing short words instead of full words.
  13. When learning languages, i always prefer listening then speaking. Because, i believe if any person can understand well they can easily speak. However his/her speaking is not perfect but they can speak well.
  14. Yup, I also have some nasty interest to learn something. It doesn't matter just learn things to do more. However the way is something else that peoples like or don't.
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