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  1. I think movies are great for students who are preparing to try out their conversation skills, you tune your ear into the sounds of the language, you pick up the accents, you learn how other people/cultures use body language (very important) and you have a topic of discussion (the movie you saw). Movies are a very helpful conversation starter as there is much to discuss with regards to opinions, characters, actors and actresses, even music. Happy watching! Keep your ears and eyes open to what the characters are saying WITHOUT their words....
  2. I love this topic! Did you know that an unhealthy digestive system can give you "brain fog" (difficulty remembering, difficulty waking up in the morning, forgetting words, feeling forgetful/stressed) all because of an unhealthy gut. The toxins and hormones that cause brain fog need to be processed and removed via our liver, digestive system, kidneys etc. so if any of these organs are not functioning at optimal levels brain-fog can occur. It's important to take note of your digestive system and support it with pro-biotics, fiber, and unprocessed foods. The other brain boost
  3. All the answers on this topic have been great so far, I agree with them all! My personal approach has always been: - to get to know my students and what they are learning for (for conversation/travel/exams/writing skills/speaking skills etc.) - to stay dedicated to the learning goals (pass exam, speak to a foreigner... whatever it may be) - for my students to get to know me (if they like you and respect you, more get's done) - to deviate from the textbook (to find reading, writing, exercises or games with different topics, especially more popular themes) - to rew
  4. Oh that's a great point! Thank you for the excellent examples.
  5. Did you know that the semi-colon has been gaining attention internationally? It's quite fascinating, and rings very true, but I though I would clear up the punctuation rules of the semi-colon with this post. 1. The semi-colon is a long pause that balances two equally important ideas. For example: She went by train; she would rather have flown. 2. It can show opposites in one sentence. For example: In summer she swims; in winter she skates. The two points below are related: 3. It joins two main clauses (main idea sentences) where there is no conjunction. For example:
  6. I speak British English, and when I read, I hear the characters "voices" in British accents. For me the voice of British English is David Attenborough (the narrator/presenter of the most famous natural history television shows in the world), his voice makes my knees melt. However, when teaching a new English Language student,I always ask them if they would prefer to learn American or British English. This way they learn to read, write and speak in the kind of English that they would prefer.
  7. Hi AgentZero, No of course, not rude at all, I'm thrilled to be able to share my experience. For me the main deciding factor in taking a teaching position in a foreign country was the amazing opportunity to travel as well as earn a decent salary with which I could pay off my student loan. I applied through a reputable agency with years of experience bringing in English teachers to South Korea. They handled the whole application process, and their English is excellent so everything is explained clearly. The material that you are teaching is also all provided, some of the best t
  8. Dear students and fellow teachers, I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to be part of the language learning community. I have been teaching for 15 years, from Art, to Math, Social Sciences, and of course English. I taught English in South Korea for two years from little kindergartners all the way to business men, students, even housewives! It was a wonderful time of travel and cultural immersion. I'm happy to answer questions, share experiences and help students and teachers in any way I can. Happy Learning
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