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  1. I tried to learn French before but stopped and the same thing with the Arabic language but if I would choose the Top 5 languages I would want to learn, they are as follows: 1. Italian 2. French 3. Japanese 4. Portuguese 5. Chinese Studying another language is indeed fun for you can also get to learn about their different cultures, the way of living of people and their traditions. You can also get to meet new friends of different nationalities.
  2. I am fascinated with the Chinese calligraphy and the ancient Egyptian writing. The way the characters are written seem to be interesting to study and their written languages can be considered as an art by itself.
  3. I believe that integrating music in teaching literature is a great way for students to learn the subject while enjoying it. It would be easier for them to relate to the subject as music has a subliminal effect on the subconscious.
  4. I would say I would have much difficulty learning the German language as well as Russian. The accent too is far different from English, my second language. German and Russian sound authoritative and strong to me in my own opinion.
  5. Yes, I do get annoyed when some people email or message me using too short sms, those which you cannot really understand because they are too short to be shortened. I don't use short cuts when chatting or when sending sms so I guess it's annoying to read them in my emails or messages.
  6. I we are to speak but one language, then I guess there would be harmony and unity once and for all. Less misunderstandings, less conflicts for people around the world would be more cooperative with one another. But speaking in just one language may mean we will not have opportunities to learn other languages, no need to study another one for our medium of communication is purely just one language.
  7. I believe English will always be the universal language even if the years would pass us by. It can never be replaced by any other language as a lot know how to speak, write and understand English. It is also the most widely used medium of instruction in schools and students are quite keen using it already. To change the universal language means to start all over again and I believe it wouldn't be a smart move.
  8. One of my most favorite movie quote or line is from Toby McGuire, " You complete me." Another is from Knotting Hill, Julia Robert's line:"I am just a woman in front of a guy asking him to love me."
  9. As a writer by profession, I usually edit my own work and the essays, sentences of my students. At times people commit mistakes in the proper use of the verb tenses and contractions as well as the possessive forms. Example: "Your" and "You're", "It's" and "It is". These are some common grammatical errors I encounter. :grin:
  10. Being a writer by profession, my friends think I am a Grammar Nazi and that whatever they post on social networking sites like Face Book will be edited by me, if I do find some grammatical errors. :grin: But I don't do that on purpose and not intentionally lol I just correct them if they are the first ones to ask help from me to check on their grammar.
  11. I believe there would be an impact in learning other foreign languages if one does have speech problems in English. My native language is not English though, it is our second language and the pronunciation of English words in my native tongue is different from the pronunciation in American or British accent.
  12. Yes, correct spelling is "registration" not "registeration". It could be that some mispronounce it when spoken or they committed mistakes in spelling like all of us do at times.
  13. Both professions I engage in, teaching English to Koreans and being a freelance writer would require me to think in the English language almost every waking day. I only get to think in my native language, Tagalog when speaking to friends or at home with my family.
  14. When I first studied the English language, I studied in a classroom setting until high school but when I started learning other languages like Arabic and French, I just studied all by myself by reading the books that I bought about teaching the languages.
  15. I can vividly remember our English Literature professor during our university days. He is kinda old already in his 70s and is quite strict and stiff in class at the same time. There was a time when some of my classmates were laughing at the back and then he suddenly called my name and scolded me in front of the class for he thought I was included among those who laughed loudly. He just saw me smiling that time and thought I was one of those making noises. I just said sorry even if I am not doing anything wrong and he replied the harm has been done LOL but after class, he apologized to me, in return.
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