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  1. Cool, what kind of anime are you into? And you're happily welcomed here.
  2. Not in the start when you are first starting out. Maybe eventually when you get a bit better at it. But yea I think it should especially when talking it helps a lot when you have to come up with an answer orally.
  3. For me at least it have gotten to the point where I'm so comfortable with writing in my second language too. So it does not really matter what language I write in, it comes natural to me now.
  4. I would say English because it's the international language. And English seems to be everywhere you go. Whether it's the TV or the internet you will likely come across English. So that said it's easier getting your English to use than lets say Arabic.
  5. Yes it happens more times that I care to admit. Usually when I'm in a conversation with my friends I sometimes can't remember the word in my native language. And I normally just say it in the foreign language anyway because I know they will understand.
  6. I'm very curious about this as I know many people learn Mandarin because of business opportunities. Spanish is also a really widespread language, but I would like to know the opinion of this forum.
  7. It depends on what level you are on. But I would say it is helpful in most cases. Then you can listen closely to words at the same time as you read them. You will get better at pronunciation and spelling of the words. Especially if you watch closely and focus on both.
  8. I'm from Norway and I usually communicate in English. And I often find myself thinking in English almost more often than Norwegian. I'm just so used to talking in English that it comes natural to think in English for me. I do it unconsciously and sometimes I notice it and think. Hey I just thought in English, oh well and then I continue thinking in English.
  9. Well it was a part of my education. Right now I'm finished with English, and I kind of miss it. But to be honest I felt like I mastered English quite well so I guess it is good for me to start on another language.
  10. I feel very anxious, and try to remember everything I know about the subject. I would usually just read a book before the exam to come the nerves and get into the zone.
  11. I don't generally like grammar Nazis. I think you should just talk properly and people will notice how you talk. So instead of correcting them you will influence them.
  12. Yea I think some of them can be great for learning new words and grammar and so on. But when it comes to pronunciation I firmly believe it is better to learn it with some friends, and talk the language.
  13. I would consider myself quite average. Lately I've started to read books regularly and I've noticed already that I'm getting faster at reading.
  14. Well actually English is my second language. So for me it would be happy thanksgiving. Oh well I guess that was not so interesting haha. But English was my first language I learned and I like a lot.
  15. Yea my aunt is part Russian and she is really good at languages. She can't speak about 7 different languages I think. It's quite amazing seeing how a person can speak so many languages perfectly.
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