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  1. Thank you all for your positive response. :party After reading your replies I have started watching movies. My friend who suggested me this technique also told about the website from where I can get movies with subtitles. Its http://movie25.ws/. Thought to share with you. Thanks again. I really appreciate your help. Regards
  2. movies with english subtitles help in improving or not..? or regional movies with english subtitles works..?
  3. well its a habbit of the youngsters to write in abbreviation and in short forms...and many people use it to type it fast to convey their messages quickly.
  4. Its very tricky question...I think its very hard to explain.
  5. Ya you should be short and to the point when you are writing in english.
  6. go hard or go home is my favorite english quote.
  7. after french ..english is the most spoken language in the world and I think its mandatory for all people to learn.
  8. I use to read news papers ..and find meanings of the words which I don't know.
  9. its easy to read the body language...its very difficult to read someone's eyes...
  10. Hii..every one out here... :party:
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