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  1. One area of confusion is most idioms in a particular language are meant for a certain geographical area, ethnic community or has a liguistic connotation. That's why it is difficult to literally interpret an idiom of one language in another language. Sometimes, a meaningful idiom in one language makes no meaning in another.
  2. Three idioms that come to my mind are : 1) Bite off more than you can chew (take more than what one can handle) 2) Never judge a book by its cover (never judge anyone by their appearance) 3) Piece of cake (easy job)
  3. "Alberta...honey....wake up, wake up..." As she woke up, sun's fresh morning rays were already kissing her cheeks through her window. Her mom stood beside her bed. As Alberta opened her eyes, she screamed " My God....what a dream this has been..!"
  4. For me, great writing is something that makes you read for 2 hours and think for 10 hours. I mean, what is a story without a moral ? I feel, every novel or a story should have something to take home. A gripping story, powerful characters. lucid narrative and great message to take home, that's what I call a great novel. But as they say, what is easy reading is damn hard writing..!
  5. Generally, I have no problems in spellings. Few years ago, I had tough time writing " bureaucracy" which often landed me in embarrassing situations But somehow I have now mastered the art of spelling and I am pretty much okay with it right now. For those who have nightmares when it comes to spellings, I suggest to develop the habbit of reading and keep a good dictionary handy.
  6. Well, I use a short form while texting. Mainly because of two reasons : 1- It is time consuming, irksome and costs money to text in full form with all the verbs, pronouns and punctuation marks. 2- The basic idea of texting is to COMMUNICATE. I feel if that purpose is served with minimum effort, time and money, it is great. I know some people who even use short forms in emaills. But in emails I use proper language with giving respect to all grammatical nuances.
  7. Yes, in our country, English is taught at all levels. In fact, in the colleges and universities, all subjects are taught in English only. Engish is widely used as a medium of imparting education at all levels.
  8. As Thomas very rightly remarked above, it was indeed Burns who said both are basically the same. Anyway, I liike and enjoy both. However, the slight difference is that the meter of a poem is basically dictated by the number of syllables in a line (I assume we're talking about rhyming poems), so the rhyming patterns are pretty well fixed. In music, though, a syllable does not necessarily count for only one beat. There can be intervening beats between words or syllables, so that lines of completely unequal length can still rhyme just fine. Also, since poems don't have a rhythm section and melody to prop them up, the words had better be damned strong.
  9. I love this quote by Winston Churchill : " Success is nothing but moving from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm " Makes great sense
  10. I love short sentences. I avoid complex and compound sentences. Short sentences are simple. They have energy, they're easy, clear and fast. You can express uncommon things in short sentences using common words. I have no idea why some people try so hard to construct very long sentence and mess up expressing a very simple idea. Never use two words if one is enough.
  11. Indeed, poetry is the ultimate form of art. It is beautiful to express your feelings poetically and it is an art to make others feel your emotions. I love the art of poetry. I want to be a poet, if I cannot, I want to be a poetry
  12. I read a lot. I think conscious reading improves your vocabulary. I also keep a dictionary and thesaurus handy and refer to them whenever I come across new words. Also, I keep an alert ear while talking and look to pick up new terms, idioms and phrases while others talk. Its really an exciting journey, when you're constantly on the look-out to improve your vocabulary. You find every book, every read, every chat and every meeting an opportunity to enhance your linguistic skills.
  13. Couldn't agree with you more. I am for using small, simple words. What is communication without clarity? Lack of clarity defeats the very purpose of communication. Indeed, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Where meaning is unclear, there's no meaning.
  14. I keep my life simple .... and so is my communication. I think, greatest ideas should be expressed in simplest of words. Indeed, to be simple is to be great. In fact, I don't use two words where one is enough. I keep my language simple, sweet and straight forward. As they say, one should use common words to say uncommon things.
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