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  1. Raining cat's and dogs. Still don't get it, but its a classic.
  2. Makes sense. It's a new word, applicable to any technology with a camera. Widely used.
  3. Just make sure its something you'll appreciate ten years from now, and not just something you relate to know.
  4. I think in the age of texting and shorthand, having extreme passion for grammar balances the scales. I don't see it as negative.
  5. I think it's more about intimidation than preparation.
  6. I really like the second one. Regret can be overwhelming at times, but looking forward is the right thing to do. What other quotes do you have?
  7. But if it made you frown, shouldn't that be something we regret?
  8. Yeah, the great thing about tv is you get to hear the common vernacular, the type of jargon you wouldn't learn in an official language. You also learn tone and context, two very important things when it comes to language.
  9. I don't know if I have an accent, but it's possible. I think there are certain dialects that are universally (or nationally) accepted as accent-free, so not everyone has an accent.
  10. I think language evolves through different modes of communication. Language exists to serve a function, as long as it does that, who are we to judge?
  11. A separate section for the sole purpose of helping people translate would be nice.
  12. God i hate all Shakespeare. people realize it's not even literature, right? It's a play script. That'd be like people 500 years from now reading The Terminator and analyzing it.
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