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  1. I dont usually refer to the dictionary. When i read a word these days i try to figure out what it means by my own. Usually i get to some sort of conclusion and it is along those lines. I think that if i am really struggling, that is where i refer to the dictionary.
  2. English is the main language that i was taught in my whole life. There are a lot of words that do not exist in my language that are available in english. I think that it is good for communication on a global scale and it really helps to bring in communication on a grand level.
  3. I have been speaking english for the longest of time and i cannot remember. I have been speaking multiple languages at the same time. One thing though is that i think in english and then translate my thoughts into another language.
  4. Taking a bath is the phrase that i would go with as to me it seems to be more grammatically correct than having one. I would say that having one would most likely implying that you probably bought one or something along those lines or owning one.
  5. Movies with subtitle do help a lot when it comes to learning other languages. The most important thing that they do for me is that they balance the whole thing about hearing and seeing what you are hearing written. It helps to commit to memory the words in an easy to commit way.
  6. I think that writing is the hardest part of the English and it needs a lot of concentration. Following the rules of writing and making sure that you get your message across then you have really mastered the english language. Speaking and reading is not so bad or hard.
  7. There are some people that are really not with things and are in denial, but as it is english is one of the most important languages in the world. If you would like to trade or even use technology to the max then you definitely need to be able to use the english language to a good standard.
  8. I think that multiple choice question make the tests a lot easier. I generally have an idea on what the solution i am looking for is, but then there are times when i am in doubt. But having the plausible answers in your face makes things a whole lot easier.
  9. Learning a language is really not so much of a big deal, but getting the dialect is really hard. It is something that you have to be immersed in. I think that once you do get into the dialect then you are actually in a great position and you have garnered some perspective in the new culture.
  10. I think that it is impossible to know how big ones vocabulary can be. I would say that the only time that i find that i recognize when i have gained in vocab is when i find myself speaking strange long words.
  11. I would have to say that translating on the spot is really not as easy as it seems. There are a lot of things that get lost in translation. As well as there is a lot to do with context that you can easily miss by going for direct translation. I usually shun away from such experiences and occasions and find better means to check and challenge my english levels.
  12. I think that the eyes tell it all. It is hard for you to talk about some one who is in the room and not once glance at them in a way that lets them know they are the subject matter. And then it is also the actions that come after such as the giggles and then the looks from all the other people who are talking about you. So it is kinda easy to tell when this is happening.
  13. I used to love poetry when i was much younger, but as the years have gone by i tend to think that it is not as creative as i used to perceive it in my youth. I would rather read a book or an article online rather than poetry as i feel it is not so beneficial. What is your take on poetry?
  14. For some reason i tend to assume that you are not so bright if you use bad text language. I write in full english with a decent amount of grammar and it really irritates me when people force you to read their awful texts.
  15. I have heard that a lot of communication is done via body language and so most people communicate through this, but i have not experienced this for myself. Body language is some thing that i have not ever really been able to read or get and i hate making a lot of assumptions. It really complicates things in my opinion.
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