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  1. I always feel somehow tensed before an exam.The feeling that you have to go even though you already have just after five minutes.I really hate that feeling but maybe sometimes it makes me perform better.
  2. My favourite words would have to be baccalaureate and grotesque.They just don't seem like English words and yet they are.
  3. I think that subtitles most of the time keep your eyes fixed on the bottom of the screen and not on the movie characters themselves.Some of them do not give the actual message that is supposed to be put across.If they have to be included in the movie,they must be relevant.
  4. I think that English will always be the international language because it has already been widely accepted as the second national language in some countries.It has even been integrated into the school curriculum in a couple of countries.Chinese is only considered to have gone viral in Asia but it is yet to leave an indelible mark on the rest of the world.
  5. I am more of a visual and read/write person.When I see something it is really hard for me to forget it.
  6. I don't usually use correct English when talking to my friends in fact it would be awkward.Being a youth the main form of communication is usually slang of a language we call "sheng'" which is a mixture of Swahili and English.
  7. Yes I have ever gotten that feeling.I took French in high school.At one point I wasn't performing well at school and I was so frustrated I regretted taking the subject.But then I kept on and I finished and passed exceedingly.
  8. When I was in high school,we had a teacher who taught us French.But when we would go for recess,she would speak to us in our native language,German,Swahili and even Italian.
  9. I think that I have an accent when I'm speaking English think it is as a result of my native language.I spoke it for the first 10 years of my life.
  10. For me it was maziwa. It means milk in my native language.I guess I really loved milk.
  11. Yes that is one way to look at it because learning a new language requires that you begin with the basics.When I started to learn French,I started by learning how to ask questions.
  12. Yes I think you should but only if you are learning a new language.But these days you can have the dictionary app on your phone which makes it even better.
  13. I think English carries the day for me .I've tried learning French and I must say it is a little bit complex.English seems to be the easiest for me at the moment.
  14. For me it would have to be Hebrew.I would like to read old historical books in the language they are written in.
  15. Great job.Hope you will get as many members as you would love to have.I'll remember to look into it.
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