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  1. I started learning Spanish when i was in High School. It is mandatory that every student take a language study elective. I chose to study Spanish. Now as a young adult i have pretty much mastered it. I am glad i stayed the course, because there were plenty of time in which i wanted to quit.
  2. You make a great point. i never really thought of that way. I always felt that if i didn't meet the goals i set for myself, i would be a failure. Your point of view is very interesting. It made me reevaluate myself.
  3. I think i am a fast learner, but only because i'm so determined. When i set a goal i work obsessively to to master it. I don think i have some kind of 'special learning ability, or anything like that. I think anyone could be a fast learner if the focus whole hardheartedly on the task.
  4. After I finish Spanish. I would love to study French. I am a big fan of the culture, and i love French accents. I think it would be a nice experience. Although i have heard that it is extremely difficult to grasp that language. I like a challenge.
  5. I wish i had a great story to tell, but my story is pretty ordinary. According to my mom my first words were "Daddy" and "Mama" How boring is that? Lol.
  6. The hardest thing for me to is writing, because have learn a totally different way of spelling, and punctuation. While at the same time desensitizing yourself to your native grammar. It is very difficult to do. Especially at first, but after a while you get the hang of it.
  7. I remember when i first started studying Spanish. It seemed so fun, and exciting. After a couple weeks my brain was exhausted. Trying to study would give me a terrible headache. I have to admit at that point i almost quit. Today i am happy to say that i stayed the curse. I am so proud of self. Do you guys have any stories similar to this?
  8. Yea. I use to play Scrabble a lot, but i don't think learning a language through gaming is a good idea. It seems like a conflict of interest. in order to learn the brain needs to be in a learning environment. Otherwise you will not retain the lesson. Gaming would only serve as a distraction to the actual learning.
  9. Yeah, but that sounds completely unrealistic. You are not likely to find someone online who would do that type of thing for free. The best method to get accurate translation is to buy one of those high priced programs specifically made to translate whatever language you're using. That is the most realistic method.
  10. In my opinion Google translate is wildly inaccurate. It's good for viewing web pages from a foreign country, but Google translate should not be trusted if you are doing school work, or something where you need the the translation to be 100% accurate. I would suggest you buy a program for that type of use. Remember that you get what you pay for.
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