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  1. I have a problem understanding using hyphen in words. I am pretty good in talking and listening English but writing has always been a bit of a weakness. For example, when I type "treehugging" should I put a hyphen between those two words or should I separate them? I know putting them together is wrong since there is a red line under the word right now. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. This is an awesome line distinguishing the difference between politics and the natural sciences. People tend to forget that one plus one may equal to two in Math but it may not be the case in politics. Here's a quote I encountered while making a paper for Benigno Aquino: "You may have the might, but that does not necessarily make you right" - Benigno Aquino III
  3. Greetings, My name is Aaron and I am fluent in both English and Filipino. I can understand a bit of Spanish but I am slowly losing my vocabulary since I haven't used it since college. I am happy to have seen this forum. I am actually looking to add a bit more to my resume and a foreign language is always a good thing. I've been looking at the posts and getting a lot of tips on Spanish. I am focusing on Spanish since the sentence structure and even some of the words are similar to Filipino. Hopefully I can pick up a few tips and be able to learn a few things. Anyway, that's me. If anyone needs
  4. A family friend married a Taiwanese. She speaks Filipino and I'm not sure if the man speaks Mandarin or Cantonese. All I know is they both barely speak English. When she brought her husband here, it was funny as heck. They were both struggling to understand each other. They used a lot of body language. They now live in Taiwan and they have one baby. I'm not sure if language is still a problem with them but that baby will certainly pick up both languages with the way I know the girl.
  5. I worked as an operator for a major telecommunications company in the US. Although my mother tongue is Filipino, I am quite fluent in English. But there were times that Spanish-speaking costumers would call. I would usually use a spiel and transfer them to the Spanish queue. I speak and understand a little Spanish so I was confident. There was a time when a Spanish-speaking costumer went through and there was a long queue that she got irate. She didn't want to get transferred and wanted to discuss her bill with me in Spanish. I tried at first but it basically went nowhere. Luckily, she was a
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