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  1. Well.....for me it's not "learning", but it can be used as a practice for your listening skills. We all enjoy songs with comments like "It's catchy." or "The music is nice.", but what about the lyrics? Consider yourself really, really good in a language if you can get every words correctly out of a song
  2. Isn't this just like the difference between "color" and "colour" or "localise" and "localize" ? I myself was taught to use "cancelled" so I am more comfortable with using it. But I think it's both acceptable as the message they are trying to convey is the same. But I am not sure if there's a slight difference in pronunciation.....or are they pronounced the same way?
  3. This reminds me of something interesting. They said that if you repeated a word for numerous times in a go, your mind will start playing tricks on you...... There's this game a kid asked me to play back then. I was told to repeat the word "mouse" for twenty times. And then I was asked, "What does cat afraid of?" Without thinking I answered "Mouse" :shy:
  4. I think this is quite common among avid readers Which is why when reading a novel or story, if there's illustrations available for the characters and settings, you will have an easier time forming the images in your head as you go through the stories. On the other hand, CYOA (Choose Your Own Adventure) stories are great in this aspect too. Even better if it's a self-insert story which you can imagine yourself doing all the adventures in the story!
  5. The thing about putting fingers in butt......it's called "kancho". It's suppose to be a type of prank in Japan, but yeah......it's very nasty. I always love hearing about people teachings in another country and eventually learn more about the difference between their cultures. I wish I got the chance to teach overseas as well in the future.
  6. Yes, I have noticed there's a part of the world where there's a lot of English speaking community, but still, English is not their native language. The vocabulary used are smaller in number compared to countries where English is the local or most commonly used language.
  7. Sometimes I went through my friends letters, resumes, and notices to make sure there's no notable errors before they are distributed. While I am confident with something like this, I don't think I am up for the task of......let's say, teaching children. Teaching a language to kids mean you have to start everything from scratch, covering the basics until the advanced part. Well, you know what they said, a great learner might not be a great teacher. I think I lack the charisma to teach >_>
  8. At my place there's a lot of foreigners around. Some works here and some other are tourists. After a while you learn to get used to different accents of a language, or a language foreign to you. Sometimes when language fails to carry our message across, we try adding body language and pictures to help tourists who got lost or tourists trying to find their way to some famous destinations. And I don't think they mind us speaking in different accents or speaking poorly in their languages too much. They are grateful there's people showing them around and we are happy we get to practise a differ
  9. Oh right...... :shy: The charging part...... Never thought of that before :shy: Well, let's just hope that there's still enough power left on my phone that at least enable me to show pictures of the local mall or phone shop XD
  10. Alrighty then! Guess I got my question perfectly answer, "What could have happened" is the correct phrase! Thanks again everyone! "What could have happened if I didn't stumbled upon this place......" That's how we use the phrase right XD
  11. Yes. It depends on who am I talking to though. If it's with my close friends, I tend to be more relaxed and I try fooling around with different languages, trying to see if I can make new puns with different combination of dialects and languages XD Of course I usually stick to only one language when I am speaking formally or in a public place.
  12. Do I get to keep my phone? Because I have a plan for interacting with foreigners when we don't speak the same language. Back then, I took pictures of a lot of things relevant to tourists. I took pictures of restaurant, toilet, airport, bus, taxi...... So if I got this phone of mine, I will be totally fine Need a taxi? Show them a picture of one! Need to ask for directions of food/public toilets/transportation? Show them the pictures! They will most likely get what you are saying, so it's great!
  13. Oh yes, I see grammatical and spelling errors in notice boards, flyers, commercials...... It's bad because a lot of kids learn from media, and without corrections by anyone they will assume that what they heard or saw on tv is the correct grammar/phrase/spelling/etc. I get that mistakes are unavoidable occasionally, so I just ignore it as long as the messages they are trying to convey is still there, or isn't too far from it.
  14. It's surprising how many things are easier said than done. Actions speaks louder than words. I feel so guilty after seeing this :shy: There's been a lot of instances in my life where I make big plans or set up great goals, and then just ignore them or gave up after sometimes. To have the determination, the perseverance, and the discipline to actually carry out something consistently for a long time is no easy feat, so I have great respect for everyone that can actually keep up their promises to themselves and actually make a life-changing decision.
  15. I stumbled across this, and it's too good to keep it only for myself. Some thought-provoking quotes from great scientists, writers, actors from the past: Some people die at 25 and aren’t buried until 75. —Benjamin Franklin Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else's opinions. Their lives a mimicry. Their passions a quotation. — Oscar Wilde Two possibilities exist: Either we are alone in the universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying. —Arthur C. Clark Great spirits have often encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds. -Albert Einstein Of all sad word
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