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  1. Yes, I partly agree with you, but as I understood, that app will help to learn also a culture. And it makes it different
  2. I think I don't have a favorite author. I've read a lot of books, most of them I liked, but still can't say that there is one author, which writing style I love that much
  3. In my opinion, your text is good. I also practice writing because I want to get a Certification. And I can recommend you to use tools that correct grammar mistakes. I use such tools myself, which helps me a lot because if you see what is incorrect, it will help you improve your writing skills. And also, I try to write papers on totally different issues because, as my professor said, such writing challenges are beneficial. The last time I wrote about the fashion industry, I spent a lot of time working on that paper. Here is one site https://envrexperts.com/free-essays/essay-about-managing-risks-fashion-designing-industry I came across it accidentally when I was looking for some info, and there are some essays examples on that theme. I read a few, and for me, they were like examples of how the finished paper may look. And also, there, I found a few interesting ideas, which I used in my own paper, but wrote more details on each.
  4. Hey! Usually, when I need help with my writings, I use some apps, which correct the mistakes. But I don't know any, which will help with Spanish
  5. It's sounds like a great idea, but it will be complicated. I think it's better to learn some basic phrases and words. I always try to do that when i want to go somewhere, because when locals see that you at least tried to do something, it makes them happy)
  6. Oh, for me, it took not a long time to improve my spoken English and grammar. But for me, it has been complicated to improve my writing. I have all the courses in English, and of course, I have to write a lot of papers also in English. Somethimes I use this service https://edubirdie.com/buy-assignment-online, first of all, it helps me not to get a bad mark, and secondly, those papers, for me, are examples and it's also very helpful for my skills improvement. But I think I need two more months and then I'll write much better.
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