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  1. Now I am using Bulgarian. It certainly loses to Duolingo. But there are not many options with Bulgarian
  2. Russian is my native language, now I have started to learn Bulgarian and what can I say - it is an erroneous opinion to consider them similar. Yes, some words are similar, yes, Cyrillic is used, and perhaps this is all the similarities.
  3. I agree with Carolineer. The language environment is conducive to learning. Hearing it, you memorize words and expressions without even noticing it. The application will not give such an effect. In the application, you can replenish vocabulary and improve grammar.
  4. Try the Quizlet. There are also flashcards and spelling of words, a test, selection and memorization function. Words you add yourself can also be exported or added to your library from others. I used it when I was learning English.
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