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  1. cheers lord finesse. it is an interesting video, maybe i'll give it a go
  2. I am a little bit in trouble with the verb "ändern". I never know if I should use verändert OR geändert. What is the difference and how can I know then to use it? "Meine Hobbies haben sich seit meiner Kindheit kaum geändert / verändert ? Any advice on this, plz....
  3. What is correct: I have canceled my flight OR I have cancelled my flight?
  4. thank you Marcel for this useful answer!! What do you mean by saying Katakana is used in Sound effects?
  5. Letter writing questions I have to write some letters in school. In our school, our English is based on British English. What is important to know about the letter writing topic? and what is considered typical british (and NOT American) in letter writing? I know there is something with Mr or Mr. One of them has to be the British version, right? What about Yours faithfully and Yours sincerely?
  6. Kanji ?!?! Hiragana ?!! Katakana !?!? My friend tell me, in Japanese there are three different writing system. Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji. It sounds so confusing. It maybe is a stupid question but when do I need to use which language system? I mean what is the rule there or can I just decide by myself if I write something in Kanji or in Hiragana ? What would be strange too haha
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