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  1. Very good thread, something which is really going to be fun. Here are some that I have found: -Flak -Reich -Angst -Blitz -Tim
  2. Hello guys, I am looking to learn some Spanish but am looking for some sort of study app which will assist me in doing so. If there is anyone who would be kind enough to share an app they have used or seen previously, it would be much appreciated because as an online freelance writer, I receive a lot of requests to write articles in Spanish. I do know the basics, but I'd like to learn a lot moe of the language but I need an app which can assist me! Thanks in advance, -Tim
  3. I reckon it will make them more motivated. Why? Simple! It's easier now to learn languages, you have dictionaries on your phone, so there is no need to hold and carry HUGE books in your bag or your hand. Furthermore, the spell check, whether they know it or not, will help them learn how to spell words because when they are looking to correct an underlined word which is spelt incorrectly, the brain will register the correctly spelt word. Now, this doesn't mean they will learn the spelling for the word they spelt straight away as everyone is different, but you automatically think, "wait, I spelt that wrong, how do you spell it". When they see it on spell check they will most likely remember for next time. In regards to learning, there are CDs which really do help people learn languages and it's much easier than reading through a huge, endless book! -Tim
  4. This is a very useful thread, when I get time, I'll be sure to add to the list you've got here. Good job though, thanks! -Tim
  5. No Free translation site or application are good, but that's my opinion. I've tested translation sites such as Google Translate with languages I know to find the accuracy of the translation and although there might be the rare occasion when the translation is correct, more often than not, there are huge errors which makes the translation hard to understand. The only worthy translation sites that are worthy of being used are those you need to pay for. They maintain a higher standard when it comes to translation.
  6. Hello, I recently wrote a review on a stufy app, inClass, as I am a Freelance writer. I took the time out to use this application, use it's tools and I found it a really good up to study with. The fact that it is on your mobile phone is a huge bonus and teens these days are constantly on their phones none stop! The application is also free to download. The best features of the app are the ability to take notes, create handouts, and record audio. This FREE app is a must! -Tim
  7. Thank you very much for sharing this with us! After having a quick glance at the website, although basic, looks really helpful to those who are revising for an English exam. I took a few tests and DEMOLISHED them all! Thanks, -Tim
  8. Hello, I am someone who's been writing online for a while now, Freelance. I have written reviews for many sites until I came across a very helpful website which will ensure students maximise their potential revision with this site on the BBC website, http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/gcsebitesize/ The site has a hadnful of subjects it can help with, from your Maths and English to Music and Drama. I help this helps students or parents trying to ensure their children get the best results possible. -Tim
  9. Nice to meet you, Manuel. I have a few German friends myself, I reside in the UK and speak English, French and Chinese! Nice to meet you! -Tim
  10. Hello Everyone! I am glad to have joined this forum and hopefully be part of a close and awesome community. I've been doing freelance writing for the past 5 years now and have recently had several requests to write in different languages, resulting in me joining these forums. I'm just looking for different aspects of learning new languages, what is easy and what is hard. I hope to learn a lot here, as well as trying to give my own advice to the members of this community. Thank you very much for reading this, and I wish you all a very nice day! -Tim
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