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  1. Lol, when reading some of the comments here, I had a vision of Mortisha and Gomez all over her when she speaks French! Anyway, on the topic. I think it all depends of the tone and the matter of speaking. Of all the languages I had the chance to listen to, all can sound romantic when spoken in a certain manner, or harsh when in different. French can be so flowing, Japanese can sound so cute and Russian often makes me smile
  2. To be honest, I don't remember the title of my first book in English. It was thin tho, It was about some team of kids saving the world. I must have been about 11 years old. Later I remember reading the HP books in English first, since I just couldn't wait for them to get translated.
  3. Well for a very short while I had a pen pal I met thanks to one magazine with a "searching for a pen friend" section, but it didn't really work out. Anyway, later when I got into crafting, I made many :grin: Not all of them are native English speakers - I've exchanged letters with people from Romania, Portugal, England, USA... We usually send out some small hand made crafts along, or cross stitch supplies, or do whole exchanges. But evem if it is just the letter, the feeling of receiveng something in the mail, handwrittend and just for you, is amazing! I must say, that even if this helped me
  4. Depends on the language. For English, it would be speaking. Since I've learnt a lot by reading, I ended up with many words I know the meaning of, but have no idea how to pronounce. In Russian it is speaking againm and writing. Now, I am pretty good at reading and listening. The similarity between both languages and the little I studied is enough to make it understandable. But I've completely forgot the rules of grammar and so I don't dare to speak or write. :speechless: In French - def listening! Especially if the speaker is a native
  5. I join the club My language is quite different. Starting with the fact that we use anothe alphabet, and some sounds are missing, others are present. I still can't pronounce perfectly "th" so I will have to live with this ,lol. We have genders for each noun, and quite often every other word - adjectives and the conjugation of verbs - changes accordingly. The articles also depend of the gender and are attatched to the end of the word - and if can be different for words in masculine depending if it's the subject un the sentence. But on the other hand, we don't have a real infinitive. All of the
  6. Non native here! Well Hamlet is part of the program for... 10th grade, I think, but in translation. It was a beautiful one by the way, by our poet Valery Petrov, but since I've always thought Hamlet to be absolutly annoying as a character, I didn't enjoy it much. Since my school didn't focus on English, in original we studied some sonets. Later I read more for my own pleasure. My favourites are Love's Labour's Lost and Much Ado About Nothing. You can guess now my fav genre
  7. Well, my favourtie books to read in English are the ones not translated yet Actually, I haven't read that many classics in English, apart from what we studied. This year most of my English reads were books sent for reviews. Among them many were indie books - this was my first time reading indipendent works and I found some real gems! But tha fact that many of these books will never be translated makes me sad, because even if I had the chance to read them I won't be able to share with many of my friends.
  8. I've always studied in a group - first the usual class, from forst grade up to highs school, we took all classes together. And later, in a smaller group I studies English for a bit. My preparation for the French DELF exams was also held in a group. I could say I studied on my own by writing, blogging, and reading.
  9. Aaah, I reached 200 points and then it gave me error 520! :cry:I still had lives left! Anyway it is really cool game! The first three tries were all slavic languages, so pretty easy, but the next one I guessed on total luck Gonna try it again, wish me luck!
  10. Thanks, tulosai. I have nothing particular in mind. I am just a medicine student and after I get my diplome I just want to know I will be able to practice in other countries - just in case. I still have 3 more years until I finish the General medicine, and maybe a few more, depending on qualifications. I don't plan to study abroad for now, tho maybe going for a practice in the future would be nice. I was just interested if anyone else had taken those, to share some experience - if the C is much harder than the B level, what can you do with one level but can't with the other and so on
  11. Err, now these were just for illustration Tho I did stitch them. I was just asking in this topic what were your fav French exercises. And maybe if you did those kind of exersices in class, like Cherchez l'ereur or Trouvez l'intrus (both are about searching a word that doesn't belong with the rest in the line.) I loved this type, because it was fun and easy. Reading with comprehension was another type I liked - in opposite to grammar I am sorry if my first post confused you. Stitching is just my hobby. Most likely, it won't help you to learn French. I just thought it would be cute to deco
  12. "Les misérables" in original is on my list. But I def need to start with something lighter and take it slow
  13. Probably not :cry: Well I will carry my tablet with me, so if I am lucky and got some stable internet connection in the hotels, I will be able to check what's going on in the forum I hope so!
  14. Is it baguette? :grin: With it you can go to a movie, to game or a play But when given to you, you mibht have a fine to pay
  15. I am going to Croatia tomorrow - but just for a week! XD So I looked some things about this language too, and it is interesting indeed. Apart from improving my skills in the languages I kinda know, I would really love to learn Polish, Hungarian and Japanese.
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