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  1. What works for me is that I watch movies or tv shows. I also listen to music. There are many free websites that can be used for practice test. Lastly I try to read my notes. After a while of not using the language there are many words that I can't recall. Even in a break, it is important to put even a small time in using it. like watching or listening to a music. That will make a big difference.
  2. I am learning German, according to my teacher genitiv is rarely used, compare to the other three cases. But it's still good to learn about it. Learning new language is not really easy but it can be fun at the same time.
  3. Hi G2narat, mabuhay! it's good to meet someone from the philippines, I don't really know how to speak cebuano, just few words. I was interested in learning it before because I have a friend from cebu but then it did not happen. Anyway I hope you will enjoy being a member here. You will learn a lot from here.
  4. I really can't imagine life without a language. I know it will be very difficult. By just thinking, I don't know how will I express myself, explain things, tell or share stories with other people. These are just some of the examples that can't be done in life without language.
  5. I know how to speak english. I am still learning German. I don't know but I feel I'm too slow in learning this language. The problem now is that I stop attending classes because of my work and I don't have someone I can talk to everyday. I used to talk to my cousin before but she move to other country so It is very seldom that we talk because of out busy schedules and the time difference.
  6. Most people consider English as their second language. I don't know what is the reason why someone can easily say that English is not important. I been going from one place to another and by doing so I can say that not all those countries I been through are english speaking countries but my travel is easier because of english. It connects me with other person. It helps me to understand and learn more about other people, their cultures and more. I feel that it is important to learn this language.
  7. There are times that I still get frustrated if can't recall the correct term to be used in the middle of a conversation. Another reason is when I can't understand some of the words being used by the person I'm talking too. It makes me feel so stupid.
  8. I spend lots of time, reading what I have to learn. I will read it repeatedly in that way I can understand or learn it faster. Another thing I do is I do mnemonics. It will be easier for me to recall everything I read.
  9. There are times were I can understand people who are talking fast, but the woman in the video talking really fast, I can't understand even a single word she said. LOL. I don't know if I will be amazed or will get annoy if someone will talk to me that way.
  10. I know that it is really hard to keep motivated in doing something, not just in learning new language but as well as learning or doing other things. I guess, in learning new language. I always look for ways that I think effective for me. I want to have some fun while learning. For instance, I make my own mnemonics if I have to memorize or if I want remember new words.
  11. Oh yeah..... I say it lots of time. it's like an expression. If I'm listening to somebody or talking to someone, after they say something I will say Oh Yeah?
  12. I have a cousin who is half german and half filipino. His german blood is more dominant in terms of his physical appearance. Everytime he visits Philippines, when I introduce him to new friends they are always shy or afraid to talk to him. Since they assumed that he doesn't know how to speak tagalog. It's funny that when he speak tagalog, you can see how shocked they are. My cousin can speak tagalog, german, english and italian.
  13. I think I am a fast reader.Maybe because I been spending a lot of time reading books. It's one of my hobbies so I guess my reading skill improved greatly. But when I read aloud it's a different story. It's a bit slow, compare to reading without a sound.
  14. Hi Valerie, welcome to linguaholic. That is great that you are learning new language after many years. goodluck and have fun here.
  15. Tagalog idiomatic expressions that we hear so often kuskus-balungos - much ado about nothing naglahong parang bula - disappeared without a trace basang sisiw - woeful or pitiful Can you share some more
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