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  1. Based on the past couple of days I have been always misspelling "separate" and "necessarily". With separate I would always put an E after the P instead of an A. And with necessarily I would always mix up whether it's 2 c's or 2 s's or both and so on. I'm sure there are more words that I have trouble spelling but those are the most recent ones that I can remember.
  2. I think English will always be the global language. One reason for that is just how the alphabet is. It's not that hard for people who live in countries in Central and South America and also a lot of countries in Europe to learn English because the alphabet is similar. The Chinese language, Mandarin and Cantonese have their own exclusive alphabet so it'd be difficult to learn it.
  3. Living in Toronto I would obviously have to say that the most beautiful building is the CN Tower especially because of the fact that it shines beautiful colours during the night. It's an amazing and extravagent sight.
  4. Hier, je dois ecrire un exam pour école. C'etait ma derniere exam, alors je suis contente.
  5. Bonjour tout le monde! Je cherche pour une personne que parler français. Je veux practiquer mon français. Je parle anglais et je peux t'aider avec anglais s'il le faut. Hi everyone! I am looking for a partner who speaks french because I want to practice my french. I speak English and I am able to help you with english if you need
  6. If you wanted more than one partner I'd be happy to help you with English as well if you're interested.
  7. I live in Toronto so it's definitely the CN Tower. Such a beauty to look at and it's soo tall. Also at night the CN Tower turns into different colours and it's just such a beautiful sight during the night.
  8. I have two favourite quotes. One is from Wayne Gretzky "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." I take from that quote that we should be more assertive in life. My other favourite quote is "Don't regret something that once made you smile." I have no idea where that quote is from though.
  9. If you were to mispronounce words in Ukrainian, would native Ukrainians still be able to understand you or is pronunciation really important? I want to travel to Ukraine but my Ukrainian is not really good but I want to practice it when I go there and want to know if it will be a huge problem and if they'll still understand me if I try to speak it.
  10. I know you're not supposed to but I do it all the time especially when I text my friends or typing in forums. I definitely don't do it when I write essays for school but it's just such a bad habit to come over.
  11. My favourite English accent is, well the English accent lol. The accent that they use in England. It sounds so elegant and cool. I think the Australian accent is awesome as well though. I also find the Brooklyn and Boston accents funny too.
  12. Yeah since both languages use the same alphabet it wouldn't be difficult for one to learn the other language. I learnt the cyrillic alphabet not too long ago and I have the hang of it. It only took me a day or two to learn it so it really isn't that hard. Just once you learn the sounds you can just look at Ukrainian words and try keep practising to pronounce those words.
  13. I'm pretty satisfied with my French but I'm still learning it a little bit, but the next language I would love to learn in Ukrainian. My father was Ukrainian but he never taught me how to speak it so I would love to learn it and maybe some day I'll be able to travel to Ukraine and be able to speak it when I'm there!
  14. So how many new languages have you guys learnt? Languages that were learnt as a child growing up or taught by parents doesn't count. I'm talking about languages that you learnt on your own by studying or taking classes. I've learnt and am still learning only one language and that's French. I learnt it in school and by doing learning through duolingo.
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