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  1. 理学 (りがく, science) 理学と地理学、どちらの方が好きですか。
  2. You should start by learning hiragana and katakana, those are the absolute basics. You can find all the characters here http://www.kanachart.com/, for example, but there are many other resources available, if you don't like that site, just Google "learn hiragana and katakana" After you're done with that, you can do everything else. I'd recommend getting some textbook. I recommend checking out our Japanese resources list: http://linguaholic.com/japanese-links/study-japanese-links/
  3. There's no such thing as the toughest language to learn and every language takes years to perfect. I'm not sure. I mean, it's an unusual approach to language learning. It'd mean some less work, but still, you'd have A LOT to do. But if you want it, you should try. The good thing about learning Japanese by oneself is that there are many, many resources available online, many of them for free.
  4. I'm usually quite resistant to memes (I find the vast majority of them unfunny), but I find the doge meme hysterical and very contageous. Once a person uses it (even in real life, not just on the Internet) I just feel the urge to "speak doge", you know? By the way, doge meme has its Polish version. I think it's interesting from the linguistics point of view, since it requires a specific sentence (well, it's not really a sentence, but I'm lacking a better word) structure to be created, and it's kinda different from the English version. Truly a proof that the languages are always evolving! Wow, such meme. Much funny. = Mem taki zabawny, wow.
  5. Well, some sites do expect its members to pay for the membership and still have many people using them. I've just registered (with a throwaway e-mail, in case they enjoy spamming) and I'm doing my first lesson. Honestly, it looks neat so far. I might edit my post later. Edit: ok, the lesson itself is very nice, but it seem I can't add words to the list of known words? I don't know whether it's something wrong with my browser or because it's not a free feature? But I'm not getting any messages wanting me to pay for it...
  6. I really don't like this current trend where people act as if introverts are some bizarre aliens who require careful special treatment. Everybody can learn a language. If somebody is so introverted that they are literally unable to learn a foreign language, they need psychiatric help, because that is not normal at all.
  7. Yeah, Italian is really fast as well. I'm a fast talker, both in English and Polish >.< Not all the time, but when I get too passionate about something or when I'm really stressed. It's a bit annoying because then people often go "Hahaha, you talk so fast" instead of caring about WHAT I'm saying. Oh well.
  8. Ok, so am I blind or did you actually forgot to link the paper? :wacky: I'd love to read it. I consider writing my Bachelor's thesis on the loanwords in Japanese...
  9. Anybody trying to convince you that they can teach you a foreign language in 10 days is a crook who tries to sell you something. If it was really possible, then everybody would be a polyglot and nobody would spend years on learning languages. But it is not possible, since mastering a language (or even learning solid basics of it) is a difficult, time-consuming process.
  10. And he's soooo handsome :love: Speaking German is really attractive for me anyway :angel: I'm not this kind of person who cares a lot about celebrities, but I remember that Salma Hayek speaks something like four languages, including Arabic. It's pretty impressive...
  11. It's the same in Japanese. In Polish the counting system is pretty...normal, I think? Depends on what you consider normal. But just like with everything in Polish, there's a lot of declination and different grammar forms. So, for example, when I count, it goes: jeden, dwa, trzy, cztery, pięć, sześć, siedem, osiem, dziewięć, dziesięć... and so on. But when I want to say: "Ala has one apple" it wouldn't be "Ala ma jeden jabłko", it has to be "Ala ma jedno jabłko".
  12. I don't have enough discipline or self-confidence to study on my own, so I prefer having a tutor. I'm in the middle of searching for a German tutor right now, actually. I just like having somebody who tells me what to do
  13. Yeah, this. A lot of English native speakers talking in Japanese have a really weird way of pronuncing things. Japanese pronunciation is nothing like English pronunciation and often while listening to somebody speak Japanese it's easy to spot whether they are a native English speaker, since they pronunciation might be a bit..odd.
  14. Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku Cześć Eboran Fajnie spotkać na forum jakiegoś innego Polaka (czy może Polkę?) :wacky: Mam nadzieję że Ci się tu spodoba i nie znikniesz po tym jednym poście. Jak już się zdecydujesz na jakiś konkretny język i do niego przysiądziesz to nie będzie aż tak strasznie trudno... Najgorzej jest zacząć
  15. Polish is nice for that, especially compared to English. We have many swear words and they're just so expressive and possible to use in many forms. Of course, maybe it's just my subjective feeling, since that's the language that I use most often for swearing...
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