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  1. It doesnt bother me as long as I can understand it. What bothers me more are the abbreviations that Im not familiar with, if Im getting text with those ones, Im always like "Do you expect me to know what this means?"
  2. It was Killing Time by Caleb Carr it is a Crime-thriller/Science-Fiction novel. All I remembered is the books is just bad. There's nothing soecial about the book but I still managed to finish the book.
  3. French is Canada's ssecondary language so its pretty common to hear. I think their accent is so sexy and a girl's sweet voice speaking french sounds like music to my ears. I wish I actually continued studying french in our school.
  4. I've been planning to study Japanese since November last year but I just started last week. I'm studying every after work and at lunch at school. It's fun, because I have like 5 Japanese classmates and they also trying to teach me some words.
  5. Im also trying this one! I love Japanese games and that's one of the reason why I want to learn the language. I import 3 Japanese games last week and Im still waiting for them. My plan is to play the game with a translation guide online. It wont teach you the whole language but it will teach you some words that you can use while youre studying the language.
  6. I dont think english speakers arent willing to learn other language, in fact us Canadians also study french because of Canada being a bilingual country. So, maybe americans but that stereotype isnt true for us Canadians.
  7. Subbed for me. Most of the time, english voice actors sucks so I would rather prefer hearing the japanese voice actors do their thing while im reading the sub. Im also able to pick up some japanese words while listening through the sub.
  8. Yeah I know its really unusual, but I mean after learning to read the language, which is really my number one priority, I will also study how to speak japanese which Im pretty sure will help me a lot because were planning to do a trip in to tokyo sometime next year, and I want to at least see some progress before that time. Like what you said im currently using references online and apps from the appstore to learn the basic.
  9. Shuttlecock and Penal for me! I remember in our Phys-Ed class in elementary when we all heard shuttlecock we just cant stop laughing in the middle of the class. For Penal, It just sound dirty to me
  10. Just to play games that hasnt been translated yet. Im a big fan of Japanese games and bunch of new stuff from my favorite series looks like they arent going anywhere outside Japan. That will leave me with two options to work with: either wait for a fan translation (It takes more than a year to finish translating a game) or learn how to read japanese. The latter looks like my best option because im not even sure if those people are actually willing to translate those games.
  11. Some quotes from my favorite songs. "Only thing worst that death is regret-filled coffin" - J Cole The truth...is limitless in it's range. If you drop a 't' and look at it in reverse it could hurt" - Lupe Fiasco
  12. Im not planning to go into any Japanese course but I really do want to learn to learn Japanese. Everybody is saying that Japanese is probably the toughest language to to learn and it would probably take years to actually perfect the language. But all I really want is to read Japanese. Im really not interested on learning how to speak the language, so would that make it easier?
  13. Im really interested in on learning Japanese for quite a while now. Im a big fan of anime and japanese games and a lot of new games are not being brought here in the west. So I was like why not study Japanese. I know it's not easy and it will take time but I really want this so why not. Here's hoping for some experts advice on this. See you all around.
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