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  1. I went to an immersion school and we did a lot of stuff by just listening. I think it helps quite a bit as your ears will get used to the "authentic" accent of the language. In a way, it's training your ears I guess. Obviously, we did more than just listening to people talk but I found it very useful.
  2. I'm not a great speaker myself (even in my native tongue!). I find writing easier as it's easier for me to express what I want to say. Obviously for some it's the opposite. As for foreign languages, it depends on what kind of language it is. For example, I probably wouldn't be able to write Arabic as well as I speak if I were to learn it for the first time. If the alphabet is similar to English (like French or Spanish), then it will be a bit easier to write than to talk (from personal experience).
  3. As a native English speaker, this is actually pretty neat. I'll definitely keep this in mind when I want to write . Thanks for sharing.
  4. In the place where I live we just say "Hello" or "Nice to meet you" and other generic greetings. We are not that polite here so the most common greeting is a simple "Hi". I wish my area was more polite though; I always do my best to be polite to everyone.
  5. Yes, sort of. I can understand most words and I can connect with the singer. Of course, it is tough at first but when I listen to to them multiple times I suddenly get this special connection.
  6. I would start teaching them once they start speaking the native language (for instance, mine would be English. For some it might be Spanish, French, etc...). It's hard to teach a child a foreign language if they can't even speak their native language!
  7. Yes, I will definitely teach my kids a second language, or a language that I am already accustomed to. Probably not he ones I am still struggling with for obvious reasons. I wouldn't want to give my child a hard time too! :tongue:
  8. I have a few favorite words: pompous exceptional supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
  9. Here's some of mine meat - meet beat - beet doe - dough go - goal (not sure about this one, but I think it works!)
  10. A great poem to read when you are feeling down. Thanks for sharing and I'll definitely put this on my bookmark so I won't forget it
  11. Romaji is excellent when you are just starting to learn Japanese (assuming the person learning knows the latin alphabet pretty well). I've used it to learn for the first time and it definitely accelerated my learning just a little bit.
  12. There is nothing wrong with swear words. They are just words, correct? Words such as "stupid" or "idiot" are not considered as "swear words" but it may hurt the feeling of some people. For some, the "F" word or the "B" word may not be harmful to them. All in all, it all really comes down to the tone of the voice as well as the context.
  13. Pretty different. My native language is in French and in English, there is no feminine or masculine words. So when writing in English, it's strange because I am so used to associating the words to the verb, etc...
  14. Memes have definitely changed the way we express not only on the internet but even in real life! It's kind of ridiculous to be honest but it's true. I know some people who uses memes all the time (when appropriate) in real life. It makes me go insane!
  15. I never have, but I think I will soon. It is good to read in a different language since it helps you learn a lot of new words.
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