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  1. I just wanted to make a recommendation to anyone studying Japanese to use studyblue.com for Kanji and vocabulary. It's a really great site for things that require straight memorization, like vocabulary especially. All it is, is virtual flashcards that you can create and store on the site. I suppose it's kind of like Anki, but I think it has a much nicer and simpler interface. Also, it has a mobile app you can use as well. Pretty handy. Just wondering, does anyone else use StudyBlue?
  2. I use JED as well, and have tried others, but have found JED to be far superior to anything else. Well, at least when it comes to Android apps. It is so simple to use and to find the words you're looking for as well as kanji and good example sentences. It's really great if you can get some kind of kanji recognition app as well. I use the GO keyboard which you can install an additional Japanese input mode for, as well as the Chinese character add-on. Then you can trace kanji and it will recognize it, and you can input that into JED and find any kanji. It's a perfect combo.
  3. Hello, my name is Daniel. I'm from the US and am currently learning Japanese. I actually just got back from a year long study abroad program in Japan, but I still suck... I hope to someday also learn Spanish, Swedish (because of my girlfriend), and maybe Korean.
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