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  1. I definitely will entourage my kids to learn Spanish, mostly because my mother doesn't speak English or dutch ;)   Plus I was born and raised in Mexico, if I didn't teach them Spanish it would be like turning my back on my heritage!  I might try to teach them to speak some ladino too, because I am sephardic Jew :)    My ladino is not that good, but I am willing to improve it :)   Point is... my children will definitely be multilingual. 

  2. I didn't have an English teacher per se, my junior high one didn't know more than we did back then, lol.  So no,  I never took her lessons seriously.  She just made us check our English text book, read a couple things and by the end of the lesson she just wrote words in English, made us write them down in our notebooks and asked us too look them up in a dictionary at home.  That was it. 

  3. On 5/23/2016 at 9:37 AM, lushlala said:

    Aww i'm really sorry t hear that @Trellum.....although I'm sure by now it's been sorted, right? I can totally relate, because having lived in Englad, I went through a lot of that. -and now living with my English husband here in my country, Botswana, it's the same thing, except the other way round. It's just horrible, but sadly has to be done. I hope the rest of the process is plain sailing for you from hereon in :) It'll all come together, just keep the faith!

    I feel better knowing there are others in a similar situation, because  being in this kind of relationships  is never easy (I have heard it gets easier after a while), but  love conquers all :)  We have had a couple arguments since then, mostly triggered by stress (I had to travel to a very big city on my own and spend the night there).   Things seem to be much better now because we are both calmer, now we are just waiting for my MVV :)  

  4. Here are some resources that might be useful to you:


    Some basics phrases: http://www.sephardicstudies.org/benbassat.html

    Some nice proverbs: http://www.bigbridge.org/BB14/MCASTRO.HTM

    Yet more sayings: http://archives.conlang.info/bi/fhoerbho/ghulsheghaun.html

    Phrases, words and proverbs organized by letter: http://www.sbhseattle.org/resources/ladino/#Phrases

    Ladino Phrases used by Sephardic jews living in Bulgaria: http://sefarad.org/lm/058/html/page18.html

    Ladino phrase book by Wiki Travel:  http://wikitravel.org/en/Ladino_phrasebook


    I will add more links later :)  Plus other resources, but I need more time for that!

  5. PART 2


    No ay vida mas eskura ke vejés kon hazinura

    אין חיים מרים יותר מאשר זיקנה עם מחלה


    Pensando a la vejés, no se goza la mansevés

    חושבים על הזיקנה ולא נהנים מהצעירוּת


    Si los mansevos savían, si los viejos pudían

    אילו הצעירים ידעו, אילו הזקנים יכלו


    Vieja en kaza, alegría de la kaza

    זקנה בבית, שמחה בבית


    Tres kozas feyas ay en el mundo: riko mentirozo, provo gaviento i Viejo putanyero

    שלושה דברים מכועירים יש בעולם: עשיר שקרן, עני גאוותן וזקן זנאי


    Viejo, mansevo , prove i riko, todos se amizuran kon un piko

    זקן, צעיר, עני ועשיר, כולם נמדדים באותו מטר


    Viejo i onrado tiene el kavod en la mano

    זקן מכובד, מחזיק את כבודו בידו


    Vejés buena!

    זיקנה טובה!


    Vejés kon livianés

    זיקנה עם קלילות!


    Vejés liviana

    זיקנה קלה!



  6. For writing ladino the Latin alphabet is used, but it can also be written using the Hebrew one :)   I might add a translation to English later. 


    Here are some examples (old sayings):


    El Viejo por onor, el mansevo por dolor

    על הזקן (בוכים) בגלל הכבוד, ועל הצעיר בגלל הצער


    El Viejo tura porké se kura

    הזקן מחזיק מעמד מפני שהוא שומר על עצמו


    Gayina vieja asolta buen kaldo

    תרנגולת זקנה נותנת מרק טוב


    Ken se akavida en la mansevés tiene Buena vejés

    מי שנזהר בצעירותו יש לו זיקנה טובה


    Kon los anyos viene el séhel

    השכל בא עם השנים


    Konsejo de manseviko, fragua de paliko; konsejo de Viejo, fragua de fierro

    עצה של צעיר, בנייה מעץ; עצה של זקן בנייה מברזל


    Konsejo, ande el viejo

    עצה- אצל הזקן


    La vieja kere vivir para mas ver i oyir

    הזקנה רוצה לחיות כדי לשמוע ולראות יותר ויותר


    Lo ke no fizo a la mansevés, lo fizo a la vejés

    מה שלא עשה בנעוריו, עושה בזיקנתו


    Mansevés para baylar, vejés para deskansar

    צעירוּת בשביל לרקוד, זיקנה בשביל לנוח


    Médiko Viejo, berber mansevo

    רופא זקן, ספָר צעיר

  7. I am starting this thread because a member mentioned he was interested in learning this language :)   For those who don't know it, the ''ladino'' language is a dying language,  and is the language of the Sephardic jews.   I'm one of them, and this language used to be a big part of our culture, but sadly most ladino speakers are old people... and the younger generation of Sephardi Jews don't speak it.   The language is basically a mix of  (old) Spanish and Hebrew, but depending on where the speaker lives some words from Greek, Turkish, and Arabic are often borrowed. 


    I am creating this thread in hopes I can add more and more resources to learn this language, not immediately but little by little, also depending on the interest of others to learn this language. 


    If you want to know what this amazing language sounds like, then check this mix on YouTube:


    An interview with a native Ladino speaker born & raised  in Israel:


  8. The first time I was in Norway it felt a bit weird, but not so much because back then I was very young, back then I didn't really see things the way I did before.  So I wasn't really bothered by the language back then,  plus I felt so safe and comfortable back then.  That changed when I was in the Netherlands, I did feel a bit affected because I felt the need to understand what my future in laws were saying about me, lol. 

  9. I was planing to use flash cards to learn Finnish when I was 18 years old or so, I needed a better printer, or at least that is what I thought.  Sadly my plan never materialized.  Now I'm not so sure I'd go down this route, unless I try to learn a language like Hebrew or Japanese.  I'm learning Dutch right now,  but I will be focusing my efforts on sites like Dutchpod101 or Memrise. 

  10. Sadly we don't have a ''services'' section in this forum :(  But if you really need a place where to post this.... you should look into sites like Fiverr.  You could get your text or article proofread for a good price over there.  Lots options to choose from :)  Check it out! 

  11. Not yet, but soon I might sub to Dutch101, so far that online course is the best one I've found.  I love all the things it has to offer, it's a bit expensive, but they offer ''discounts'' often, so I guess isn't all that bad. Plus the most expensive package offers personalized help from a Native Dutch teacher...!!! Who can also offer you a study plan based on your needs, considering all that... I don't think is that expensive.  At least not if you are serious to learn a language, just like I am... because I will be living there so soon. 

  12. On 5/18/2016 at 11:58 AM, lingualbabe said:

    Yes, at times, I do have those thoughts. Most especially during fights involving family, relatives and money. I would think about how harsh I was or how negative my statements were. Other times, I would think about how I haven't said this issue or this point. But most of the time, it's about me not saying things exactly as how I want to say them. That's the thing with using a language other than your native language in fights, some meanings and statements get lost in the way.

    I don't think they're bad things though and the fact that I also experience them, it means that this happens in others as well. I feel you though... Life issues can be exhausting, especially family and relationship problems. But trust me, it will get better... It can only get better. And anyway, we're here for you if you need someone to talk to.

    Thank you very much, that is very nice of you.  And yeah, interpersonal relationships can be so rewarding, but at the same time so taxing.  Specially when you are not so sure how to deal with certain situations and certain types of people, but I like to think I'm getting better at that, and also at controlling my emotions :)  Is not easy though, but I do think it's worth the effort. 



  13. For me it's about listening as much as possible, but when I first start with a language I watch cartoon and similarly easy TV shows, like for example anything targeted at kids as well as educative TV shows and easy documentaries.  The more I listen the more familiar I get with the language, and learn in which context certain words can be used and so on.

  14. Yes, actually now that you mention it yes.  When I was younger I loved viking/black metal and almost any kind of metal, but only in Swedish, Norwegian & English.  But never in other languages, I'd never listen to metal music in Spanish... BIG YIKES! But then again, I'm not a big fan of music in Spanish, unless we are talking of oldies. I love most music in french though, but no metal!  That sounds just ridiculous. 

  15. My biggest problem with Dutch is the fact it's so hard to find decent language exchange buddies :P  Nah, just kidding. My biggest problem right now is growing my vocabulary.  I need to grow my vocabulary before I learn more about grammar, so when I do I have no issues forming new sentences and such :) Knowing as many new words as possible it's super important, because in that way I'm sure I'll be speaking dutch in no time!  I need to learn new words and colloquial expressions. 

  16. It depends on the person,  some people can actually learn several languages at once, while others prefer to learn only one at once because it seems easier that way.  In the end is up to the person.  I personally prefer  to focus on one language at once, but that is just me.  I just feel that if I try to learn several at once I'll end up neglecting one.  In the end you have to see for yourself and find what works best for YOU.

  17. Yes, I plan to get a higher education and hopefully a better job :)  I must dominate Dutch in order to do that :)  After that I'll keep on learning other languages, but for pure passion and love to their respective cultures.  I'd never get a job teaching though, but I'd not mind to get a hospital job as a translator while I am still working on my education ;) That would be awesome!

  18. Yes!  Back when I was learning English I was so afraid to use certain things because I was a bit worried the other person would take what I said wrong.  Now this no longer happens because I've developed enough confidence, but the same thing is now happening with Dutch :(  I guess that is normal though, because I'm not even close to feel confident enough to even have a conversation in the language. 

  19. You can find a lot differences in words all throughout Latin america.  There are some words that here in mexico are not used the way they are used in other Latin countries.  I always had such a big problem talking with people from Paraguay and such.  The other person always said it only understood half of the things I said.  Every time i talk with my friend from Dominican Republic he asks me what x or y word mean, and that is when I realize ho many colloquialisms I use daily... 

  20. I think you should totally go for it,  it's a nice labor :)  And in some years you can definitely look back and say: ''Wow, I did that!''.  I think it's great if it helps others, and you learn something new :)  That is why I'd like to create my own Vlog in the future :)  You can learn so much from teaching as well. 

  21. On 4/26/2015 at 9:46 AM, OddVisions said:

    They are interchangeable. However, usted is often used in familial or close relations while tu is a more generalized and less formal version of the term. It's alright to use tu in most cases when you're unsure of which one to use since either way the generalized term will be accepted.

    Actually that is not quite the case... it's way safer to use ''Usted'' in any case, otherwise you might be perceived as extremely rude.  But is not so hard...  I always use ''Usted'' with people who are older than me, but never people who are younger than me.  But always to be safe at first use ''Usted''. 

  22. Impefect past?  Well, some people do use the verb soler that way, but is not something people do so often.  I mean, I've probably said things like: ''Yo solía escuchar ese tipo de música hace uns aos''.  Is not used so often, but people prefer something that sounds easier like ''hacias'' or other verbs.  

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