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  1. Pamplemousse is one of my favorites too. In fact, I named a parakeet that I had Pamplemousse because she was yellow.
  2. Bonjour. Je m'appelle Sue. Je suis tres content de lirer posts en francais.
  3. I own an English/French dictionary as well as a Larousse -- a French only dictionary. I find both of them very useful when I'm reading and want to know the definition of a specific word. I love books, and use my dictionaries more than online resources when reading.
  4. I learned both French and Spanish in school. I have tried to study both at home during brief periods of my life, but found it difficult without the ongoing interaction of a classroom. I'm hoping to go back to independent study to improve my Spanish.
  5. I started learning French in the 9th grade, and continued through my first year of college. I also took two years of Spanish in high school. The other options we had were German and Latin. I always enjoyed learning languages. Now that I live in California, which has a large hispanic community, I would like to go back and improve my Spanish. I remember a lot more French, and can carry on a limited conversation in French.
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