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  1. There are many words that can be considered to be beautiful in English language, I am not sure where to start and how to list them....one of many is 'acrobatic', 'enchanting' I am not sure and many more....
  2. English grammar is important while writing. It does not matter when you are speaking English because most of us tend to speak in slang. I am a writer and it heavily matters that my content contains minimum grammatical errors.
  3. Long long time ago, I had a pen pal in Singapore unfortunately I am not sure how I got disconnected with that pen pal, it use to be fun to communicate with them by letters. Never had seen my pen pal and till date I did not know who I was communicating with...
  4. I started to learn new language when I was around 05 years old.......that is quiet an early age, but this was when I was taught the second language at school. I went to the English medium school and so my second language learning kicked in when I was in Higher class that is when I was 5 years old.
  5. Yes I experienced that, but the only difference is I use to fake the accent at times, when I moved from India to UK, I was young and started talking like others, however, sometimes, I use to do it deliberately just for fun, or to look cool. Then I returned back to India and went to the States after four years, there I did not fake the accent, I was myself. I guess the change of accent only happens when one has lived in the country over nine to ten years or more I believe.
  6. Hello, I am from India and I was looking for someone to help with Spanish basics. It will be kind of someone to teach me basic Spanish. I want to learn this language so that I can have knowledge about it!
  7. I definitely second this idea, I guess this forum contains many forum members that come from different parts of the world. Hence it will be nice to have a forum specifically to learn a language.
  8. I am sure there should be some button to hit in order for you to edit your posts. Usually there is a way to edit your posts. This is quiet strange!
  9. There should be a forum especially meant for language resources. That forum would specifically provide researched information related to the different languages. These sources should be free of course...and they should be the medium of discussion.
  10. Personally, I think there are so many languages that it is hard to comprehend and imagine. I think over 2000 languages for sure but the number goes beyond this. Each Country has a native language and all the other dialects that count as language as well. So, considering the world, I believe that the count will easily go beyond 2000....
  11. The use of who and whom has been pretty confusing for me as well. Back in the day I made mistakes all the time in the usage of these words. Through the time and experience, I have learned the techniques of English Grammar and now I am confident about using perfect grammar.
  12. The mentioned link definitely is resourceful because there are many students or applicants that pay a lot of money to buy the online tests or any kind of resource related to exams. I wish that I knew the link earlier since I appeared for IELTS nearly two years ago.....Well, it is a good link to give reference for
  13. I think according to my knowledge it should be, 'I have cancelled my flight' the spelling that I have been taught ever since I was in school.
  14. I think Homophones are funny words because they can cause someone to stumble while writing. I use to make mistakes with homophones, with time and experience I learned that consciously I have to be aware of these common words that sound the same but spell differently!
  15. Hello Cutler4life, it is a great huge post about learning spoken English, your effort for sure is counted. Well, I learn my spoken English by listening. For me this language has been ringing in my ears ever since I was a young girl of 5 years. We had many missionaries visit us all the time and hence there presence helped me to learn Spoken English. I think one of the biggest tip in learning any language is 'Listening', this tip works wonders for many, in fact I teach English to Indians here and they learn it while they hear me talk....
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