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  1. Thanks LauraM for posting the exceptions! :grin: My teacher never went over that part of it, don't know why not though. She just kept stressing the I before E and didn't say anything else about it. I find that very interesting.
  2. There are a lot of questions about the best ways to learn a language, but I've been wondering about the worst ways. Which techniques for learning should I avoid? I'm sure there are probably tons that would just leave me even more confused.... I've had someone tell me to leave my television on a channel that speaks the language and that I could learn that way. I believe that would just have my mind all over the place. What do you think? :speechless:
  3. I can't really say what makes the learning fun as I go along because I tend to get frustrated a lot. It's nothing like working hard and just when you think you're not getting anywhere, you hear a word you recognize or read something you weren't able to before. I think the rewards and benefits from learning a new language is where the real fun is!
  4. I think it would be so great to be able to communicate with everyone! :grin: I don't think it would ever come to that though and it wouldn't be as fun if it did. I love all the different languages! If it did come to that one day, I'm not so sure it'd be English because it could be Spanish. You never know.....
  5. I use the word "yeah" too much. I say it as a question and as an answer. I wish I used "no" more though :wacky:
  6. I want to know if I am the only one who doesn't like it when people try to bring this up. I before E except after c. There are so many words that don't follow this rule. What about neighbor, weigh, weight, weird, caffeine, height, seize, vein, eight, protein and leisure? I could keep going because the list goes on and on. Why is this something that some people go by when spelling?
  7. I've been struggling with it a lot more now because the only real writing I do is when I'm texting and I never spell the full word out. I can't speak for everyone else, but I know this is why my spelling is not at its best. I've had some friends agree and say the same things, so that makes me feel a little better
  8. Yes! I definitely use it way too much. I'm starting not to like it, but there's nothing else to put. Texting is really messing up everything I've learned over the years. I'm so busy making my words short and doing all these little things that I'm forgetting the basics in English!
  9. I'm ready to start learning Spanish! I was wondering if you should begin by learning individual words first or phrases. My teacher (a few years ago) gave us a few words and then jumped right into phrases and said we'd learn faster that way. I'm not sure though because back then it use to just make me more confused. Which way is better?
  10. Hello there and welcome to the forum. That's so wonderful, that's one of the languages that I really want to learn. I'm glad you're here! :grin:
  11. I've considered trying Rosetta Stone, but I don't hear very good things about it. When I do see great reviews, it almost seems like it's something was placed there on purpose. I'm not sure about that though. I wonder if it works better if you've already studied it for a little while and are more familiar with it before you start. I just can't see you not knowing anything previously about Spanish and it helping you.
  12. It's a wonderful language. It would help me out with so many things. You have better job opportunities and I'd be so excited to be able to communicate when I go on vacations. I travel a lot and love experiencing new things. The majority of places I go are ones where Spanish is spoken. It's so hard to get around and enjoy it when I have to rely on the few random words I've learned in school. :speechless:
  13. Hello Everyone! I've enjoyed reading all these great post! I almost didn't join because I don't know any other languages, but I see that everyone is nice and supportive here. I've always wanted to do it but would give up because I wasn't surrounding myself with other people who want the same things. It's obvious that I'm going to learn so much here with all this information and good advice. I'm really excited!! :grin:
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