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  1. English an be used almost everywhere in the world. I'd really like to perfect my English, mostly just for myself. Next to Dutch there is no other language I'm this fluent in. Also, living in Scotland you will need a solid understanding of English Nice little accent they've got going here.
  2. Another native speaker here, I've "only" been living abroad for three years, but you guys scare me a bit. Of course I struggle with finding one or two words, but hopefully will not get to rusty I like my Dutch. Anyway, I'm living in Scotland with my SO, who's also Dutch, so that may make a difference. Are you all living alone, or do you have someone to speak Dutch with on a regular basis?
  3. Thanks guys, looking forward to interesting times here. I'll go and have a look at the german board now.
  4. Seeing that when studying for fun, about 2 hours is the most common answer. Can anyone tell me how long it will take (in years I guess) to become pretty good in Chinese, when studing about 2 hours a week? And say I would like to get a pretty solid foundation in a year, hwo many hours a week would that cost me? Starting from scratch here as a European.
  5. As a native Dutch speaker I'm not ashamed to say that Dutch often sound more aggresive than German. I find that German can actually be quite a soft spoken gentle language.
  6. Hank here, have been living in Scotland for a while now, but I'm Dutch, and of course a native Dutch speaker. Absolutely fluent in English though, and pretty good when it comes to German. So hello to everyone!
  7. Hi, I would just like to find out if any of you are struggeling with some common problems while trying to learn Dutch. If so, I'm pretty sure I can help out, being a native speaker and a teacher.
  8. It should definately be easier then most other languages. I'm a native Dutch speaker and learnt German, which wasn't that hard at all.
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