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  1. Great idea about subtitles! It goes both ways... I recently watched a movie in Swedish, and had the subtitles on in English. So, I heard what it sounded like in Swedish. Very cool!
  2. So many to choose from! I would want to learn Chinese. It is just so beautiful, and so different... and my son studies it in school, so it would be fun to learn it with him. :grin:
  3. I wish I could speak 6 languages! That would be so cool! I think people who speak fluently in many languages have the ability to use those languages daily. You have to speak it often to keep it, is what I think. So if they are bilingual, and speak both languages often, they will retain them. But how cool!! I would love to go to another country and speak their language enough to get by, without relying on English.
  4. I speak English and I think in English. I agree, the only time I think another language is when I'm thinking about what to say, or thinking of a song.... I do that sometimes. But my true thought process is always English.
  5. In 5th grade we started learning a language. We learned some of Spanish, French and German and then were able to pick which one we liked best. I took Spanish up until grade 12.
  6. I'm always annoyed when someone says a person hung himself. :confused: so many words in the English language are confusing.
  7. Grammar is so important to me! I try so hard to get it right. And yet I see people do it wrong all the time. It bugs me!!! This is a prime example- is and are. It may be hard to learn, but it's so necessary!!!
  8. I think that's great! What better way to learn the culture than to watch what is popular? (As long as it is set currently, and not in the past :amazed: ) Or watch the news... Current events... Awards shows... Endless possibilities!
  9. I love languages. But I agree that it would be great to have ONE language that everyone knows. And can communicate with. I'm not saying it has to be English, but I feel that that is widely-used language, in different countries already. But Spanish is well known too. It would be nice to have such easy communication! However, I also think same = boring. It's neat to learn different cultures and languages.
  10. I speak English, and I don't swear. But so many people do. If you didn't at least know those words, you might get confused because they are said in many different contexts. And you wouldn't necessarily have to say them yourself, but you might to sometime!
  11. I've never heard of anyone called a buffalo. Very interesting. I've heard of people called toads if they are rude or annoying. Buffalo to me is more of an insult, for a bigger person.
  12. Yes, many people seem to know English! Too bad us English speakers don't always know other languages.
  13. Thank you for the replies! I like that last reply, got me thinking... yes, it is a way to deliver the language. That's true. But it does have it's own way of" talking", so isn't that a language? Very interesting indeed. I want to learn more sign language. I know many baby signs, I teach them to my kids. But I could never meet a deaf person and totally communicate, unless it involved a lot of finger-spelling. LOL
  14. It drives me crazy! And I HATE when my kids do it, because I feel like they don't even have the English language down pat yet.....they don't spell perfect, so why purposely misspell words? Some of the abbreviations, like IKR (I know, right) or BRB (be right back) don't bother me. But it's the text speak of "r u going 2nite" make my skin crawl!
  15. I never SAY LOL. Like when I'm talking, I don't say it. (Although my son does--- he says JKLOL all the time... it's annoying!) But when I text, I probably use it very infrequently. I definitely know I use it, but not much. I'm more apt to say ha ha , or I'll type *giggle* because that's what I like to do. LOL is more of a response when I have nothing to say!
  16. Australian! I think that is one of the coolest accents! G'day Mate! I also think just everyday English (as in, from England) is cool. And Scottish.
  17. I have many friends who are deaf/ hard of hearing. I know some sign language, I'm conversational at best... but I love it and I'm eager to learn more! I'm curious if sign language is considered to be another language. I think it would be great if people knew it, but I understand you'd only need to use it with someone who is deaf and knows it.
  18. When I was 14, I went from home (USA) to Spain for a month as an exchange student. I lived with a host family. I had a great experience! They brought me around the country, and Portugal too. We saw cathedrals that were gorgeous. I spent lots of time at the beach, and at night, the night life was wonderful! I had ice cream that I've never been able to find again but it was so delicious. I cherish the memories from that time. I wish I could go back now!
  19. It's funny because some friends and I were just talking about this! We know eachother online... so we each uploaded a video of ourselves talking. I don't think I have an accent, but I was told I definitely do! Some people sounded "normal" to me, so they really sound like people I live with/ near. Some people have true accents that I can tell... Southern, Jersey, etc. Most of us are from the USA. It's so neat!
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