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  1. Yes it is possible, it has actually happened to me. A couple of years ago, a few German friends that I met online decided to visit my country for the holidays. I was anxious about meeting them, I know that my German isn't that good and I was worried that I was going to make a fool of myself. This anxiety was probably the reason for 2 or 3 German-speaking dreams that I experienced at that time. Well, I had a great time with my German friends and they even helped me with my German, so everything went better than expected
  2. Wow, indeed, that's really impressive! Welcome to the forum, Evelyne, I hope you have a great time here
  3. Ofcourse! "Ya su" is the simple "Hello" when you are talking to a single person, and "Ya sas" is the same for more than one people. "Kalimera" is goodmorning and "kalispera" is good evening. "Ti kanis? (tee kAnees)" is "How are you?". So hello, how are you? is "Ya su, ti kanis?".
  4. Even though I have a few Swedish friends and I believe that Sweden is a beautiful country, I have to admit that their language sounds a bit too rough for my ears. The consonants have such a strong staccato articulation (probably due to the cold climate of the region) that create a feeling of aggresion.
  5. Pan is the greek word for "everything" or "all" and it's used in many words like "Pandemonium" (demons everywhere, a place with lots of noise and confusion), Pantheon (a temple dedicated to all the Gods), Panacea (the mythical cure for every disease) and more. Dos is short for Deos, which means Awe. So Pandos can be roughly translated as "everything is awesome in its own way".
  6. This happens to me a lot too, more often than it should. However I'm good at covering it up, I usually say something else so I can give myself the time to think. Most of the times it works, but when it doesn't it's very emparrassing.
  7. I have recently noticed that I use the word "well" a lot. I find myself starting many sentences with "Well, ..." even if it's not appropriate to do so. I also say "um" a lot, too.
  8. I have to agree, myriad is a beautiful word. It comes from the Greek word Myrias, and it means ten thousand. Most people use it to describe a very large, indefinite number, however the modern Greek word for "million" is translated as "hundred-myriads".
  9. Thank you efpierce for starting this thread and thank you Xenon for sharing all these apps! I will give them a try soon, since I'm feeling that my German is horrible at the moment. I got my Goethe Zertificat a long time ago and I haven't practised for a while.
  10. Thanks for sharing this app, Amatenshi, I'll install it on my phone now and check it out. I really want to practice writing, and I'm glad that I can do that in this app. Take care.
  11. As a kid, after I finished my english lessons, my parents gave me an option: I could either study French, or German. I don't know why I chose German, probably because I thought back then that French sounds "funny". I'm not fluent in German, mainly because I get almost zero opportunities to practise, but I hope this will change soon.
  12. Hello everybody, greetings from Greece. My name is Anastasios, it means "resurrection" and it's a common name for Easter in my country (that's when I celebrate my nameday, too ) I am fluent in Greek and English, and semi-fluent in German. I enjoy learning new languages because I believe that if you search inside a nation's dialect, you can find many interesting things about their culture!
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