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  1. What is Weltschmerz, in the English context, please?
  2. 'Different than' definitely seems to be common amongst Americans. In England people tend to say 'different to' or 'different from' although the latter is less common, despite the fact that it's actually correct!
  3. To some extent I agree. Capitalisation seems unnecessary on Facebook or on personal messages and emails, but it's the same as asking the question 'why do we bother to spell words correctly?' We do so because it's correct grammatically, not necessarily because there is any logical basis behind it.
  4. Google Translate is useful for individual words or very short phrases, but not for full sentences, even if they're not too complex. There are too many variations in intended meaning, context of the sentence and grammatical rules. However it does seem to be getting better at this. Occasionally if I forget a grammar rule in German I will use Google Translate, not as a translation tool to mindlessly follow, but the results help me remember what the correct usages are.
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