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  1. In English, few use the subjunctive "were" anymore. No one knows how or when to use "whom," and your/you're and their/there/they're makes me angry on a daily basis. In Spanish, conjugations are sometimes difficult for non-natives, seeing as they can be quite complicated. For native speakers, I find that many of them don't have a very extensive vocabulary. For example, I have yet to find a native Spanish speaker who knows how to say "drawbridge" (it's "puente levadizo").
  2. I'm a 6'2" white guy and I speak fluent Spanish, so this happens to me quite frequently actually. When I started my current job, several people were speaking about me in Spanish in the break room. They weren't saying anything bad, just talking about me. I joined in in Spanish and everyone got really embarrassed. I also surprise people in Mexican restaurants all the time. It's enjoyable, I like showing off.
  3. I think it depends entirely on what your goals are... if you're into business, I think mandarin is probably the way to go these days. I think English and Spanish are pretty useful for travel, in the western hemisphere anyway. If you're looking to learn a language to be able to communicate to as many people in the world, Mandarin and Hindi are your best bet.
  4. I'll throw in another vote for Russian. It sounds strong but sultry at the same time... very attractive.
  5. Subtitles all the way! As much as I dislike having to read all of the dialoug, I'd much rather be hearing the original voice acting, as it's much more authentic. It's never quite the same when it's dubbed.
  6. When I was 8! My family moved to Bogot√°, Colombia when I was 8, so I had to learn Spanish. It was relatively easy; all of my friends were Colombian and I went to a Colombian school, so I ended up picking up the language in about six months. My little brother (5 at the time) was even quicker, he learned in four months and didn't even realize he was speaking a different language.
  7. I use Google Translate to do bulk translation, and then just go through it and fine tune any bits that need it. Sure, it's not the greatest translator available, but it's free, easy to use, and usually gives decent results.
  8. This may sound overly obvious, but the best way to improve is to practice! Talk to spanish-speakers, watch movies in Spanish and repeat what the characters are saying, read Spanish books aloud... speak Spanish as often as possible. You'll start getting a feel for the way the words feel to your mouth, and your accent will improve. Something else that has helped me is over-anunciating words. Say the word slowly and exaggerate the pronunciation, it's another thing that will help your mouth get accustomed to the words and sounds.
  9. I already speak Spanish so I figured I might as well pick up another Romance language. Also, I think french is a pretty common language (in many parts of Europe and Africa especially) so I figured it would come in handy. It also happens to be a very beautiful language.
  10. I have been using Duolingo, it's helpful but a little too basic. I do like the format and the user interface, but it doesn't explain any grammar; it just lets you learn by trial and error. Works okay, but I'd like to supplement it with a more intense study app. If you're looking for something easy that doesn't make studying feel hard, Duolingo is a good option.
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