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  1. I think so. It could also be a good thing to do while learning a language. It'll give you a look into the pop-culture of your desired language as well as a look at proper pronunciation and perhaps some slang that wasn't included in you're curriculum. My step-father learned to speak English 20-something years ago from old action movies with Bruce Willis and JCVD etc. It's funny because to this day he still uses some of their old catch phrases.
  2. It can open up so many doors for you. At least that's why I picked up my second language. If you think if yourself like a business you're investing in yourself. Having a second, third language opens you up to more people and growing your business. Allows you to gain more territory in foreign countries or a prime candidate to get promoted to a position abroad. There's no limit to what you can do with it.
  3. Writing for sure. Alternatively spoken I find easier at least in terms of communicating in a second language.
  4. There is something about it that I find quite attractive. But I think it's more the accent when they're speaking English or something cute about the way an expression we would use frequently makes no sense at all. I think there's something about a language barrier appealing as well. When you can't use words to communicate you can develop something quite special with someone. Actions can speak a lot louder than words. What do you all think the most attractive language is?
  5. I wish I used my french more . It's been a few years I don't ever have to use it wear I am (Metro Vancouver area B.C. Canada). It does come in handy when I go back east though. It usually takes a few days to shake off the rust but it's just like riding a bike once you're fluent it never completely leaves you. If you needed to it'll come back to you in a heartbeat.
  6. My step-father learned English from Steven Segal and Jean-Claude Van Damm when he decided to walk off the boat. I learned my first polish words by asking my baba and jaja for shots of vodka. They thought it was so cute they gave me one everytime (I was about 10 years old at the time).
  7. I've only had this happen to me once and it was a really strange occasion. It had been years since I had been in school and used French. I live in western Canada, there's not a big French speaking community so I don't get to use it a lot. Out of nowhere I had this nightmare in French. I was trying to talk to my friends but every time I spoke it came out in French. No matter how hard I tried to speak English it wouldn't come out. I don't remember a whole lot else from the dream but that's weird right? Anyone else had experiences like this? Well then lets hear it!
  8. 5 years old was when I started learning French. I was enrolled in the French Immersion program at school which means that you do everything in French (except of course English ).
  9. For me, speaking is the hardest part. When you have a conversation with someone there's a sort of pressure to not hold up the conversation while also making sense. With reading and writing I can kind of work it out at my own pace.
  10. Hello linguaholic community! My name is Mitchell and I just want to say hello to all of you :grin:
  11. I took French immersion at school. I think it was an awesome program. Knowing French in Canada is a huge advantage especially in terms of obtaining employment. I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that learning a second language at a young age can drastically improve a child's cognitive development.
  12. I live in Canada and speaking French opens up a lot of doors here. I started taking French in kindergarten. I was enrolled in the French Immersion program so I did all my learning at school in French. I was in love with it. Not just the language but the culture too.
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