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  1. Hi Adele, I'd like to share my experience studying French, though I've since switched to Spanish the concepts still apply. When I first started researching learning a language I was always frustrated because every resource said the best way to learn was full immersion and I didn't have the means to actually go to a french speaking country. I think it is still true non the less. I have heard many a story of people taking 4 years of french in high school and walking away with nothing, but people who go to France for a month come back with brilliant and beautiful accents. My biggest failure was that I studied french for months but never took the time to practice speaking it. I could read with the help of a dictionary but many of the words never solidified in my long term memory. Find someone to speak french with and you will be surprised how much you find yourself retaining. This can easily be done with Native speakers on Skype or through websites like Verbling. Spotify makes it really easy to find foreign music because of the playlist feature, find some french music that you really enjoy, bonus points if you can get the lyrics. Hearing and seeing the word at the same time will do wonders and even help you get better at pronouncing new words for the first time. Do the same for movies with subtitles. Lastly, Don't deny teaching yourself Grammar. I still have a book dedicated solely to french Grammar, there are also some free ones (though dated) on Google Books. It really helped in the long run when trying to form sentences instead of just repeating memorized phrases. Best of luck! don't give up when the going gets hard. Always end your studies on a good note . Don't get discouraged if you don't see any progress, learning a language is one of those things that you don't realize how far you've gone until you're on top of the mountain and can see the trail head at the bottom.
  2. There is a very helpful album on Spotify called 'Sing and Learn Arabic' that was put out by Stephane Husar. The songs are definitely targeted toward children but the first song is a catchy version of the alphabet that has really helped me remember it.
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