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  1. If the language has very hard symbols like the Chinese, Arabic, or Russian language, then of course you would find writing it quite hard. But if the words were written in the plain ABC letters, then speaking would be the hardest, because you have to really learn how to pronounce those foreign words.
  2. Yeah I guess, especially if English isn't your native language. But then again years ago like around 2008 I don't see that certain mistake, but recently it seems like with the increasing number of people thinking that what they type is right, the number of people using "loose" instead of "lose" is increasing. They probably think that their sentence construction is right because lots of people type the same thing.
  3. I think it depends on which country you were born and raised in. In my country which is the Philippines, English is quite prevalent and commonly used in our culture and even in our local media, so naturally, people that were born and raised here are quite familiar with the language due to exposure. Of course in other countries this won't be the case where most people aren't fluent in English, like China for example.
  4. I noticed that a lot of people use "loose" instead of "lose" when they want to get rid of something or when they lost something, like "I want to loose weight" or "I'm loosing so much money already", and I'm like, "What the heck is wrong with you people? Don't you know that "loose" means not tight? The correct word would be "lose"! LOL. But I don't personally know anyone who makes this mistake, since I only see those kinds of erroneous sentences when I browse websites and forums. So what is your 2 cents with this whole spelling blunder? Are you at one point, guilty of making the same mistake, (don't be shy to admit, we won't judge you) or you have always been aware of the correct usage of the words "loose" and "lose"?
  5. As a rule "a" is used if it's followed by a consonant, like "a bag". While "an" is used when it is followed by a vowel, like "an ear".
  6. Yeah I'm also guilty of using LOL in my casual conversations in text, but I find myself using "hehe" more than LOL. In forums though, I tend to use LOL than "hehe". I think that there's nothing wrong in that, but sometimes I would have to agree with Trellum that I also use it when I'm not laughing out loud at all. I use it to emphasize that I'm joking.
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