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  1. This is good to know. I've heard of Polyglot but have never tried it.
  2. I wanted to take a calligraphy class in college but didn't have time to fit it into my schedule. I think the calligraphy is so beautiful but my hand is not so artistic.
  3. Precise and Accurate are two that come to mind for me. I sometimes struggle with this (in my native tongue!) so I am constantly hitting up my Thesaurus to help me out.
  4. I have a good friend who speaks English, Dutch, Spanish and French. I always feel dumb next to her!
  5. I don't have any research to prove it but in my experience it was difficult to try learning two foreign languages at the same time. If you've ever tried learning more than one at a time have you ever confused the two languages? I am a native english speaker and I have inadvertently substituted Japanese words when trying to speak Spanish - very embarrassing!
  6. I mean books written in a foreign language, not books designed for language learning. We have a good amount of Spanish language books in our city library, but I haven't seen much else outside of that.
  7. I don't know enough about the England accents to differentiate between them but they are one of my favorites!
  8. The most challenging aspect for me has been finding people to converse with and places to take lessons. I feel like I'm starting over all the time.
  9. I think Spanish would be very useful. I would like to start them on some more intensive language instruction but I haven't quite figured out how or when just yet.
  10. My motivation is a little odd. I lived there for a few years as a child and started learning the language with the intent of attending the public schools there. I was never permitted to attend, so my learning sort of stagnated. I feel like I just want to finish what I started.
  11. I used those little Kumon sheets decades ago when I was in Japan and was never able to find a place in the USA that used them. I found them really helpful.
  12. I think Google Translate is good in a pinch. I like to get knitting patterns from Ravelry.com, and many of them are links to people's blogs. For example, if someone in Finland has a cute pattern but it's in Finnish, I will often run their pattern instructions through Google Translate. It doesn't work perfectly but is enough for me to decipher what I need to do.
  13. I have always been interested in languages. I know a little bit of Spanish and Japanese. I would like to become fluent in at least one other language. I would also like my kids to learn spanish while they're young, though it hasn't been easy to find a good immersion program near me.
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