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  1. Well, when i started to learn English, someone said me that the important thing is to know words, bcs if from 1 sentence you can understand several words it becomes automatically that you understand the meaning. So, my main point was words. I know grammar, may be not very well, but simple things i know. However, during the speech i do a lot of stupid mistakes, for example i can say "she have" or "they was" instead of "she has" and "they were", and I know such rules, but somehow it goes out unconsciously....
  2. DNA

    Hello All!

    Thank you for welcoming! By the way I am from Kazakhstan and would be glad to meet people from far away places, it is always ineresting to get know new cultures, opinions, views and languages.
  3. I want to practice my English, especially my speaking, as i work at Inernational company, where English is the main tool for good communication. But the thing is that mostly i work using e-mail, and have very limited speaking English practice. So, I found out, that i lose my speaking skills and it becomes difficult to express thoughts and ideas. I would be very appreciated if someone, whose level is better than Upper Inermidiate can practice with me )))
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