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  1. Just had to go over in my head what i would say aha! For me i pronounce it 'an hour'.
  2. Mainly due to my family ties within italy but also here in the UK. Despite having family based all around Italy who speak different levels of english the main part where i travel the most can speak very very very basic english as i am going back over alone in the summer to see them again i would like to hold a decent conversation for once.
  3. I tend to use google translate on occasion if I'm unsure upon a phrase or sentence which is written in another language. I agree its not the best translation tool on the internet but it is miles better than what it used to be a few years back.
  4. Fluent in English as it is my native tounge, but also due to being brought up with my italian side of family i know basic phrases and terms. Also know very basic french aswell!
  5. Hello all, My name is Joe and i am living in the united kingdom currently. I am made of many different nationalities which include, Italian, Ukrainian, English and Irish. I Have always been keen to improve my italian a little bit more as well as improve my basic french knowledge, i hope to find hints and tips in this forum and to become a regular user!
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