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  1. I like the Australian accent, especially the way they say "mate" or ... the "c" word. Also the scottish accent that you see in movies and what not. It sounds so awesome, but unfortunately I have heard real scottish people and none of them talked like that, which was a bit dissapointing to say the least.
  2. They are allowed to break rules, but not to the point where it becomes a completely wrong sentence. You can't say something like "Cat is floor on" and expect people to thing you are some sort of misunderstood genius.
  3. In Romania, English is mandatory in school, but I never learned crap at school. The English teachers I've had so far didn't know how to pronounce words or translate most of them. They would come up with an English adaptation of a Romanian word instead of translating properly. My grade 11 teacher didn't know what "oak tree" means...
  4. "Rural". My tongue get's confused when I have to pronounce that word and it always comes out as "rrl". Also "Rural juror" comes out as "rrl jrr". I hate those words. "Colonel" too. Why is there an "R" in "Colonel"? I just don't get this word.
  5. I read slowly not because I can't read but because I choose to. I want to pay attention to everything and make reading more relaxing. This is one of the reasons I prefer books over movies.
  6. I used to use "LOL" a lot in my text messages and IM conversations in the past, but I don't anymore. I guess it was just a phase out of which I grew out, and I hope it won't come back.
  7. When I hear someone talking in German I think they are either insulting me or threatening me. I don't really know why that it but it sounds very rough. It's definitely one of my least favorite languages because of that. Also because it seems very hard to learn.
  8. Music hasn't really helped me learn new words and what not. However it helped me understand words better. You know how in songs the words are not usually pronounced the way they are in everyday talk so that it all rhymes and sounds good.
  9. The way I learn new words is by talking, listening and so on. I have never studied another language with a book on my desk and a pen in my hand. I did it by watching movies, listening to music and so on. I usually learn new words without even realizing it.
  10. I think google translate is very good for what it does. You can access it very fast and most of the time is accurate enough for you to understand the general idea from the text that you asked it to translate. It also has the text-to-speech function which can really come in handy when you have problems with your pronunciation.
  11. I have to agree with dorannmwin here. Having Spanish on your resume will give you a huge advantage over those who don't. Any language will, for that matter, but if you live in the USA Spanish will definitely help a lot. It's also a latin language and knowing at least one will make learning the others easier. I live in Romania and Romanian is also a latin language and I can understand other similar languages, to some degree, without ever having studied them.
  12. I'm trying to learn Japanese at the moment, but seeing how many kanji there are is a bit intimidating. If I were to choose something else I think it would be Korean. I really like learning different alphabets because it's more of a challenge and that makes it fun for me. But I think I'll stick with learning just Japanese for the time being.
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