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  1. Wow, thanks for uploading this book, deyvion. I'm going to try Swedish now, I'm really fascinated by this language to be honest.
  2. If you could find those links, rossonomous, that would be nice. I figure that Swedish is a very fun language that I could learn and it may become very useful in my planned near-future.
  3. Dawii


    I am Dawii, and I wanted to introduce myself to the forum, I am a native Polish speaker, I am 16 in a couple of months and currently 8 weeks before my GCSE exams. I moved to England at the age of seven and I am now fluent in English. I currently study Spanish as a GCSE option and plan to study it as an A-level in Sixth Form. My future plans include studying in Norway as I've discovered that the state universities are free, not sure what I will study there, yet there is 1 preliminary year there to learn the language so I think that would give me plenty of time to find something I want to do.
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