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  1. Just wanted to pop in and say I downloaded this app a few weeks ago and it has helped me lots! I love how it has tests on it and how you can draw out the symbols. It really helps with the memorization.
  2. I'm a fast reader. I usually read through 300-400 page books in less than a few hours. I hate to wait on what's going to happen next, so I have to hurry and read through the book to get to the ending. XD
  3. I started learning a second language my sophomore year. We only had French and Spanish at the time and I chose Spanish. However I did know some Italian from learning from my grandparents. My great grandparents on my mom's side were from Italy and taught some some to my aunts and my mom when they were little.
  4. Hello! I'm whisperingspirit and I thought this forum sounded like a good place to help me learn new languages. Currently I am fluent in English and semi-fluent in Spanish. I really want to learn more Japanese and have started to look for more ways to help me do so. In fact, I've already found out about a useful android app for it just by browsing on here. ^^ Anyways, nice to meet you all!
  5. When I first started looking into the language, I always heard that you shouldn't rely on romaji much. So I'm learning the characters and the romaji together. I find that writing out the character helps me remember it more than reading the romaji anyways. Once you get past the basics, I would just stop using it so you won't rely too much on it in the future. You won't need it much anyways.
  6. I don't use 'lol' as much as I used to. I've gotten to the point where I use more smilies than 'lol' or anything else like it. Smilies have a lot more variety. ^^ Also, I've gotta agree with how annoying it is when people say 'lol' or other acronyms in real life. -.-
  7. Definitely subbed for newer animes I've gotten into. But sometime it depends. A lot of times I feel the Japanese voice actors have a lot more emotion put into their lines than English actors. For example, I tried watching an anime called When They Cry in English first and hated the acting. The Japanese dub was ten times better. Besides, I can pick up on how to pronounce some words while watching in Japanese than English. However, as other have said, I prefer to watch some in English. It just depends on if I saw it in English first or not. Dragon Ball Z is a great example of this.
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