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  1. I must say Italian. I have no relations to that country but when I hear Italian people speaking it sounds like singing to me, so soft and full of passion even if they were just talking about everyday things. I have been living in Greece almost for two years and I´m currently studying the language.. it´s more sharp compared to Italian for example but it sure has it´s own fascination.
  2. I´m from Finland so clearly my mother tongue isn´t English. I´m quite fluent though and the people who are from English speaking countries tend to say they cannot figure out what my origin is by hearing my accent. Probably it´s a mixture of American English and the accent of my own.. thanks to social media I suppose
  3. Yes, that happens to me all the time! I live abroad so on daily basis I mainly use English and the local language. In two years time I seem to have started inventing words of my own and thinking in English. Just wonder what will happen when the years go on..
  4. Wow, I´m impressed how quick people have learnt the Greek alphabets. I used to take Greek classes back to my home country once a week and we were learning the letters for two months. These days I´m living in Greece and enrolled to the classes again, I still sometimes struggle with certain letters. Maybe it´s because my native language is completely different from Greek. On the other hand I find speaking easier.
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