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  1. Because I'm a surgeon and I wanted to get a job here in Italy as a plastic surgeon
  2. I think the funny thing about another language songs is that until you don't understand (sometimes really stupid) lyrics, you like them :grin: Anyway this is amazing way to improve language! I really like French songs even I don't actually learn French. Sometimes I sit down and try, look at lyrics and try to sing with the artist (I know it must sounds terrible!) but after all I realized I remember some French words! This is my most favorite song: http://www.lyriczz.com/lyrics/edith-piaf/44273-milord/
  3. Here is the Let it Go in Chinese version. I really like it
  4. My most favourite word-names is Rose, Hope, Heaven (but they are pretty common). I think if you are British or American word-names can sound so stupid because you use these words many times during day not as a name. But in general they are beautiful names.
  5. Maybe you just also talk with him why he doesn't want help you and try to encourage him to do this. I still can't get why he doesn't want you interact with his family. The best way for you will be learning some simple basic words at home like you know "do you want something to drink?" and you will try say it in Spanish. After this basic "course" from him you should use our advises. first step is to talk with him
  6. Gelsemium is totally right. It's kinda weird that your man doesn't want to help you. My husband even encourages me to learn French. My other friend's man (they are also mixed couple, he is Chinese) even forces her to learn Chinese. @Joanna this was some US website. I think www.lyriczz.com but there are plenty which you can use. This one is just some example. I used it and for me it was ok. Check it out or find your own perfect one:) :kiss:
  7. Yes you're right but vocabulary is also really important part in learning foreign languages. i think learning through music is better way than learning from book or notebook. that's just my advise:)
  8. hi! We are mixed family. I'm British, my husband is French. We live in UK so we had problem with our child. How to teach small child French not only by talking? My husband has found perfect way! I also wanted to learn French so with my child we both started listening to French music. We are dancing around the house and singing lyrics, which we know. I see that each time we can remember more words. After all we sit together with my husband and child and look at lyrics on Internet. I think this is perfect way to learn in funny way! Look for good website with lyrics and try my idea! I know many
  9. I think the best way to start learning new language by your own is listening to music. I also started like this with my French. I listened to music and tried to find out words which are sang. After all I checked everything on websites with lyrics. But you must be sure that website is good, no mistakes on it! If you want I can find the website I have used because it was such a great one, never found any mistake there! best wishes girl and don't worry :kiss:
  10. Hi Luis! You're right! I'm British who is learning Russian and I also heard that these two languages are similar. At my univeristy I had Polish friend. Her language always seemed to be really hard. After starting learning Russian I decided to learn also Polish so we can keep in touch if you're interested. Maybe is here any Polish?
  11. @nonsiccus Pleco can help you with your Chinese characters. You can draw characters and Pleco recognizes them or you can use your camera to let Pleco tries to find character out. What's more Pleco is free app!! and database is pretty big. Such a nice app
  12. I also use it on my phone. Amazing app which helps me most with recognizing Chinese characters I love it! You can also try your best in writing characters and the dictionary database is quite big. Such a great thing!
  13. Hi everyone! I already started learn Russian and I really like it!! I heard that Polish is similar so I want to start learning both at the same time. Is there anybody from Poland who can give me some advises how to learn Polish in the easiest way?
  14. Hi everyone! I'm Monica from Edinburgh, UK. I'm teacher in kindergarten. I'm a native English speaker but recently I started to learn Russian and Chinese. Is there any Chinese / Russian? Hope to talk to you!!!
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