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  1. To me, it's definitely not as important as doing justice to the message, which always comes first (even though I do have excellent grammar, if I do say so myself). But honestly, just let the language evolve!
  2. That seems pretty impractical. In a normal conversation, you want immediacy, fun, and friendly informality. I don't think you can achieve that when you use grammar that's too correct, if you get what I mean.
  3. Boston's a pretty interesting accent. Every vowel sound rhymes with 'lack' or 'track', and that's pretty fascinating in itself haha!
  4. There's a cool (but weird) thing that happens when you look at a word too long. Try looking at any word in my comment for more than 30 seconds. Try it. It loses its familiarity! It's weird, isn't it? I made this observation ages ago independently back in high school, but I recently discovered that linguists have a name for it. It's called Jamais Vu!
  5. In my contention, today's battle rappers are using English in a level not even the poets of old could match. I understand that that's a pretty huge claim to make but on a purely technical level, battle rappers are honestly the biggest pioneers of slang we have today! (And most battlers don't even know it) I'll keep posting examples in this thread periodically to illustrate how clever they can get with their wordplay but for now, I'll just give you a quick example: 'You ain't made money, it made you and you let it change you because to get ahead, you flip and tell that's what change do' - JC (on JC vs Chilla Jones) On the surface, it's a comment on how the other rapper gave into money and became disloyal to his crew. But let's look at the second, metaphorical level: 'You ain't made money, it made you and you let it change you because to get a head, you flippin' tail, that's what change do' Heads? Tails? Change? The elements in the punchline perfectly go with the theme of currency set up in the line before. I'll post more if you guys are fascinated by all this!
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