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  1. Wow that one was a new one for me. Before this post I did not know how to say I'm yours in Spanish...I gotta go study some more!
  2. That is so romantic. And, she speaks another language. It is amazing how that can happen. That is a good motivation!
  3. Amy it is great to know that you surrounding yourself with the language actually helps you to learn it. So I know that I am on the right path. I am planning a trip to Spain and I want to learn all that I can. Before I go..
  4. When I speak Spanish they often times do not know where I am from . They think that I am from Cuba. When I am actually American. I love when this happens. It makes me feel like I am doing great with the language.
  5. Wow, they are fool proof. My husband purchase the one for Hebrew so this is really good to know. I will be trying this out some time this week.
  6. I will have to agree with you Denis. I do not like the whole book idea. Audio and video has helped me out tremendously in learning a new language. I especially like to look at they lyrics of songs, and I go through to translate the lyrics so that I understand the meaning. Songs stick with you so much longer because you are using 2 of your senses at once, tactical and audio.
  7. For me right now language school is out of the question. There are so many free ways to learn a language. Including online or the library. They have complete audio cds that you can check out and learn a language at your pace. You can take the Youtube videos and look up songs with the lyrics onscreen and translate them. That is how I am learning!
  8. Being able to connect with those around me. I grew up in Texas and I have plenty of friends that are of Spanish descent. I felt love their culture and I feel like they are the fastest growing population and I want to be able to communicate with my neighbors effectively. It is exciting to learn as well! :party:
  9. Yes! My husband and I love comics and graphic novels. Some of the Anime is incredible, the artistry of it all. I think that when you immerse yourself in the culture it helps you to understand the language better. You get to see the emotions of the characters there.
  10. It really depends I would say from 12-20 per hour. If you think about it along the terms of a product such as Rosetta Stone. Sure it is a great product, however, it is great to be able to speak with someone if you get hung up on something or if you need more personal attention. I think that $12-20/ hr is more than fair.
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