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  1. I think it's necessary actually especially if the place you're going to is not familiar with English. It's useful to learn a few words and also the culture. Get the basics down first, learn a few important words and learn the proper way to construct a sentence. Even though they're just basic it would take a you a long way and possibly stir you away from inconvenience.
  2. I'm pretty much a cold hearted individual and it would take a lot of emotional force to make me give a crap and stir some emotions in me, not unless of course if I relate to the story but no matter I tend to be neutral. It's not that I'm not moved by any of it it's just that maybe they're too cliche and is far away from reality. If I were to write a heart wrenching novel it would be closer to the truth and not some fairy tale off of a 13 year old girls dreams.
  3. If the story calls for it. I don't think that just because you're an African American or Asian you should only write characters that are African American and Asian. If the story calls for an African American or an Asian character then so be it. But I do get what the author is saying, it's going to be hard for you to write about an Asian female if you're a black male.
  4. I think they should be thrown in the Fiction section. Why? Well they're not proven real. Those things are just speculations, they're no different from fantasy books or science fiction, however if the conspiracy book approaches the matter in a more academic and scientific way then I think it can be in the Non-Fiction section.
  5. Kind of tough to find one that isn't mainstream because most of the time a book to movie adaptation often entails some sort of widely known recognition. I'm not sure if this movie is mainstream I think it is but you can try "Red Dragon" and "The Silence of the Lambs" they're both movie adaptations of the novel of the same title written by Thomas Harris. They're pretty well made so I think you'll enjoy them nonetheless.
  6. My favorite character from a book is Brandy Alexander from the novel "Invisible Monsters". I love how she was portrayed in the book. Her character feels so solid, has some down flops but still pretty interesting character.
  7. Well it really depends on the story. Some monster movies and books are pretty scary even without the gore. I think it depends on the atmosphere and overall mood setting the writer does. Some psychological thrillers are pretty weak because of poor setting and just overall ridiculousness. But I think it would be a mixture of both. Grotesque imagery and a mind shattering psychological attack, in that case I would recommend you reading "The Exorcist". It's a really great horror novel.
  8. Yeah I found here once on iTunes. I never really subscribed to her podcast but I did listen to some of the episodes and it was pretty informative. If you're into writing I would highly recommend checking her out, it would really help you a lot.
  9. "Fight Club". This book just inspired to live my life how I wanted to be and to be happy with what I have and don't have. The message is great, it really struck me since I've been reeling with my life and dealing with the whole notion of just working to buy things that would make me happy but in reality it's not going to do anything. You should try reading this novel it's pretty eye opening and inspiring.
  10. It just goes to show that the internet is full of people that are too lazy and ignorant to get their facts straight even though it's already staring them at their faces. The quotes are really one of the most atrocious when it comes to this, not only in books and authors but also from artists. One in particular are Bob Marley quotes that has nothing to do with him except that people just wanted to associate him with smoking marijuana alone.
  11. It really depends on the career path of the person. I don't blame her for taking an English course, she is indeed an actress and she may or may not need it. Also she's pretty much settled for life, even if she gets a crappy degree it's very unlikely that she'll run out of money in her whole life I think.
  12. Of course, I don't buy books just because of the title and the cover. Even if the book with written by a well known author and if the synopsis doesn't sound that great to me I don't really buy it. That happened to me once when I came across the this new Stephen King novel, I read the summary and I didn't really liked it. It's like a quick and dirty preview of what to expect.
  13. I can't really remember but I think the first English novel that I've read was "The Phantom of the Opera". I was really young when I read it so I didn't really like it as much as I'd hoped but it was immediately followed by "Frankenstein".
  14. Stay away from any of the Young Adult's Section as much as possible, you'll find a lot of crap there. I would recommend reading something motivational and inspiring. I can't really recommend one book because I don't know your taste so it might affect it but you should try reading "Fight Club", you're still young.
  15. My favorite was Aesop's Fables. I love the variety of stories. I don't really have a one true favorite among all of the stories but I love the collection as a whole. It was a huge part of my childhood and every time it rained hard I would go to my bed and read.
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