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  1. Well actually the native language of the United States of America is English, and one can't really blame Americans for being born and raised in the country that majority of people communicate in one language, which is English. People tend to think that though Americans are open-minded, and unfortunately, there is a stereotype that Americans are shallow-minded. I don't agree that all of them are. The American culture is so strong, and it is true that foreigners in America tend to become Americans themselves.
  2. Honestly, though A Series of Unfortunate Events is sort of a children's series, I've loved it growing up. I thought it was more mature and complex as compared to other children's books. It's mysterious and the characters are actually quite incredible. My favorite character in those books was Violet. She was clever, unique, and very caring. All characters are amazing, but Violet was the one that made me appreciate the books in a whole new light.
  3. One reason why you probably don't like Jane Austen books was because maybe you've always thought of it as homework. You mentioned that you had to read her books at school and you were required to watch some movies. Maybe you thought it was boring because at that time you don't find anything given from the school as something fun and interesting. That's just my guess. I may be wrong. Am I?
  4. I know quite a few differences such as: "That's awesome" - American and "That's wicked" - British "I find her attractive" - American and "I fancy her" - British There are more differences that I've noticed, but these were the only ones that I could think of at the tip of my tongue. I'm American, but I love the way the British speak.
  5. I do find that quite difficult. Try to learn the Spanish language during your free time! I'm sure there are some free online courses in learning Spanish. And just try to remember patience. It takes time to learn a completely new language, but start off with the basics, practice pronunciation, and study simple sentences. Eventually, maybe not sometime soon, but eventually, you will speak Spanish fluently. Good luck!
  6. It was a difficult decision for me to choose between French and Italian, but I went for Italian because honestly, my ex-boyfriend was Italian and the way he spoke some words were actually quite beautiful. I even asked him to teach me some words myself, and when I spoke it, I actually sounded sexier than usual. French is also a very beautiful and romantic language, but Italian does it for me.
  7. I actually text with good grammar and with correct spelling. Sometimes I forget to capitalize the first letter of my sentences and sometimes my phone doesn't do it automatically, but that's probably the only grammatical mistake I make. I don't often say 'u' instead of 'you', I don't replace my 'O's' with zeroes, I don't even disregard the use of commas. I've been writing online for a long time, so I've practiced using correct grammar and spelling.
  8. Out of the sites you've suggested (freelancer, odesk, bubblews, etc.), which do you suggest? I'm currently living in the Philippines so hopefully you could recommend a site that accepts internationals. I read a lot about TextBroker, but unfortunately, it isn't allowed in my country. Hopefully I could get a great site where I can express myself through writing and earn a few extra bucks for doing so. Thanks!
  9. Well I wouldn't say that I can't speak Filipino, but I'm surely not fluent in it. Though I was raised in California, I was taken care of by my parents and my grandmother who are all fluent in Filipino. My parents would speak their native tongue to me if they are giving me a lecture or if they're angry, and my grandmother couldn't speak English even if she tried. So I've practically been surrounding by Filipino speakers even though my native tongue is English. I have a hard time speaking Filipino, but I could understand it very well.
  10. I've heard so much about Haruki Murakami. I've actually never read any of his books, but I know about his works and the effect they have on young adults. I know about Norwegian Wood and it does seem like a very interesting story. I know his way of writing is different from other writers, and he really writes his books in a completely different perspective. He actually gives his readers the challenge of thinking.
  11. I love Desire. I would love to name one of my daughters Desire or Desiree. For me it's a very beautiful name and I want the word to describe the person itself. Hopefully my daughter will be very desirable, in a nice way. I've always thought the name was quite pretty and it easily rolls of the tongue.
  12. I often have this problem. Sometimes I forget the translation of my native language and I end up speaking the other language I know. Sometimes I speak two languages in one sentence and I don't realize it. I speak English and a bit of Filipino, and sometimes I don't realize that I'm actually speaking both languages at the same time. People sometimes get confused and try to understand what I'm saying. They have to make me aware of what I just did.
  13. I'm no teacher and I have no experience in teaching a language to someone, but if I were to, I would definitely have the student learn the basics of the language. I would teach them basic phrases and how to pronounce important words. Afterwards, I'd have this person hang out with another person who speaks that certain language. The student would then learn to have conversations and proper pronunciation.
  14. One of my favorite quotes is actually from John Legend's song called "All of Me". The quote is "All of me loves all of you". It's a very simple quote but this really should be vital in relationships. All of one person, must love all of another person. It's a beautiful song. I recommend you listen to it! Here's a link to hear the song:
  15. I used to write things on my arms all the time. I always need to remind myself about certain things. For example, if I have a math test tomorrow, I'd have to write down "Calculator" in big letters across my left arm. Then I would wake up in the morning and see it written on my arm. Simple reminders like these saved me through a lot! I actually heard of the movie 'Memento' and I heard it was one of those mind-blowing movies. I'll definitely take a look into it.
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